Despite the extremely serious damage, pale red still has some mythical power after being integrated into the defective divinity

It’s not a myth method, it’s a descent method, it’s a gathering of divine particles, but if there are enough paradoxes, it will have the vast energy that makes myths fear.
It’s a weapon against the city!
It’s also a weapon against god!
It is especially effective to increase its terrorist energy to deal with such giants as nest-type evil spirits.
Standing on the "fallen mica" canopy, the war puppet pale red stretched out his hands and palms. At this moment, it became two dark muzzles, and all the energy particles poured into one blue aperture after another, and it was terrible for a moment. The energy beam ran through the earth.
Rushing up the blue light waves seems to dispel the scarlet and make the sky and the earth turn blue at this moment.
On the one hand, it seems that the blue mask of the upside-down giant bowl is constantly growing and swallowing up the surrounding earth, mountains, mountains, rocks and vegetation, which is a ferocious disaster.
Anyone who is swept by the blue light curtain, regardless of the disaster level and the hell level, is instantly annihilated, even if it is a natural disaster level, it will not last for a second.
In a moment, hundreds of powerful paradoxes were destroyed in the blue mask.
Bright blue light lit up the stunned faces of the defense line.
Master Wang Hammer didn’t control the ju pao, but stared at the glorious face full of eagerness and fanaticism, whispering, "Too far away, too far away! Is there any exquisite structure and manners in the opponent’s gun? "
He really wants to open it!
The crystal giant cannon can kill several evil spirits in one bombardment. However, it only eats the light red fur of the war weapon. If it can be thoroughly studied … thoroughly, he is confident to design a mythical weapon that can be nullified!
This is what a blacksmith should pursue!
It’s a pity that the light red hand gun is a part of its body. It would be nice if it could be disassembled, otherwise it would be fine if there were any structural equipment that could see through it.
Master Lao Wang is eager
Fang tutor is distressed.
He found himself preparing 2W crystal for light red, which was conservative. If this gun goes, he will consume less crystal. There are many energy waves in 1 W.
Of course, what Pale Red has done is also a disaster around AOE, which is a level of evil and hell
It’s terrible to have a statue of seven-star extinction, but you can’t ignore the number of seven-star fallacies in front of you … These fallacies are really too difficult to deal with.
Fortunately, in front of the sniper around the evil tide, one mountain and one mountain were harvested.
He added a few more mountains to Pale Red, and now the energy is barely enough, so it won’t go out in a few minutes.
Fang’s heart is still bleeding.
He sighed that a few "quenching thunder pills" swirled around his fingertips, one of which ran through the hard body of the "mountain behemoth", one of which shot down the giant owl flying in the high "disaster nirvana" and one of which exploded the "white bones and dragons"
Although it’s a big evil, it’s still …
"It’s too difficult to deal with."
"It’s terrible!"
There are cheers in the defense line, ordinary soldiers and people who strike while the iron is hot like Master Wang Hammer.
But hiding outside the defense line in the base city, secretly observing a pair of eyes can’t stretch.
Eyes wide as if to crack, mouth wide as if dislocated.
Is still stupefied looking at the distance
It takes half a ring to make a few three-view cracking sounds.
"What is this!"
"This is impossible!"
The emissary who were arranging ceremony and preparing to escape from Blue Star froze.
Rubbing their eyes, they seemed to see God.
They saw a statue that was comparable to the myth, and the seven-star paradox was knocked down in an instant.
"Is it an illusion?"
"Not an illusion!"
"But … what the hell is that? !”
The blue brilliance of the sky gradually converged, and a huge crater with a diameter of several kilometers suddenly appeared on the distant horizon.
The giant pit is a statue of a monster covered in rags, and those tentacles are still struggling, which seems to be a little powerful
In it is a very, very inconspicuous light red figure.
Bloody blade spread
Their tentacles were cut off.
Energy convergence
Another bright light broke out, and the earth trembled and roared.
The owner of the tower turned his head stiffly to look at the angel of the White Tower.
The messenger jerked his head like a wave. "I, I have never seen this thing, Blue Star … Why does Blue Star still have such a killer!"
"It’s even more incredible than manipulating the evil spirits of natural disasters!"