That is, everyone yearns for three colleges.

Rose College is decorated with all kinds of flowers. Dean Rose pulls out a drawer and takes out a roll of ancient parchment.
She spread this special brown and yellow paper slowly on its surface, but elegant fonts emerged one after another.
"Dear Dean, according to your instructions, the students have gone to Blue Star … It was this observation that a little accident occurred during the landing of the new world, but it was thrilling. Thanks to this, the students also discovered all kinds of extraordinary things in the blue star world."
"(omit 300 words)"
"Dean, Blue Star is one in a million. Students believe that it is necessary to continue to increase the chips with Blue Star to achieve more win-win results."
"Students will really enter Blue Star this time to have a deeper exchange and understanding, and bring more news."
"Student Mei Di Sha Liu"
Dean Rose sat at her desk thinking for a long time.
Suddenly, her fingertips lightly touched the window sill, and patches of purples rose petals swirled out and disappeared with the wind at the end of the field of vision.
Half ring
There are pieces of petals floating in front of Dean Rose, forming two wreaths and ripples, and gradually showing two vague figures.
The figure on the left is slender, and he has a sword hanging from his left and right waist in front of the window.
This is Dean Jian.
The figure on the right is strong but not rough at all. He is also elegant against the gold silk pendant, which is different from the elegance of sword and rose.
This is Dean of Warsong.
He said, "Meredith has landed in the new world and brought back first-hand news, but is this … an exaggeration?"
Visually inspect the three inhuman levels!
Kill two minions on the spot!
And these are from a mysterious arrival soon new forces … Novels dare not write like this.
After hearing his words, Dean Rose thought about it and said, "The news is indeed exaggerated, but I brought out Meredith as my proud brother. She is not an exaggerator."
"In the letter, she was surprised and came out of the paper with a slight loss of elegance. If she hadn’t seen something particularly shocking, Matissa wouldn’t be here."
"She may not be a genius, but she is also one of the best newcomers of our generation."
"Genius …"
Hearing these two words, Dean Jian sighed.
Mei Tisha is actually a genius enough, otherwise she will not be appointed as an "envoy", which is the most promising breakthrough for a new generation of sword flower city.
But compared with the person in the big oasis next door, Metisha will be eclipsed.
"I heard that it was a super genius who had been promoted to the level of five senses at the age of 21 and was in a stable state without much pollution and alienation."
This is not only compared with the new generation, but also they are envious of these old guys who are in their twenties, centenarians and centenarians
Maybe have a chance to catch a glimpse of the myth.
Dean Jian looked at the parchment and paused. "Be prepared to wait for the opportunity … and add chips if necessary."
Camp No.2, the criminal uncle searched for a circle and left.
Shi Yunxi and others are still with him.
At this time, it was already a double inhuman war. After half a day, Mei Tisha’s ups and downs gradually eased.
She’s ready to enter Blue Star.
Of course, it’s not through the secret entrance. The secret entrance and exit are only for people who come from other places. For her, the secret place is also a wall, so you can’t get through it.
But Medisha has her own preparations.
Or sword flower city has a plan.
After she meditated, she arranged a "landing ceremony" in the safe environment of Camp No.2.
Soon, like crossing a water curtain, Medisha really entered the blue star and opened her eyes, just waiting for Polly and Anna here.
Shi Yunxi also came later.
"The tutor promised to meet you."
Mei’s Sally surprise way "that what are you waiting for! Let’s go. "
Shi Yunxi shook his head slightly. "Don’t worry, it hasn’t arrived yet."
Looking at Mei Tisha with some vacant eyes, she smiled and said, "It is our custom to talk about marriage at the dinner table, and you can meet your tutor at dinner tonight."
Chapter two hundred and fifty-five Only food can’t live up to.
A black commercial car drove several people to Shui Ze City.
The scene outside the window kept flashing with high-rise buildings, cars and pedestrians, and the bustling and lively pictures kept coming into Mei Tessa’s eyes.
A little surprised
It’s the first time for her to take the post of "emissary", but before taking the post, Metisha had read many stories about the world bordering on China, heard many stories from "experienced old emissary" and received special pre-job training.
Mysterious arrival, what is the eroded world like? She has a concept in her mind.
However, this concept is overturned here at Blue Star.