As he roared with purple flame, he swallowed up the whole temple …

Chapter 49 Forgetting the battlefield
The once sacred and solemn Li Dian is now like a human hell, and it seems that the purple flames in the three realms can burn the temple in an instant. Ralph Barak is facing each other at this time, and Steve and others are caught in the middle and dare not move for fear of attracting the fish in the pool.
Barak never dreamed that someone would dare to burn the temple in front of him, a war angel. He was so angry that he laughed, "How dare you be presumptuous in front of me …"
"Save this nonsense for hell, Ruler Blade!" Ralph suddenly gave birth to a pair of purple wings behind him. With a wave of his sword, dozens of sharp blades hit Barak like a rainstorm.
"Aurora Barrier Liberation!"
"Do you have your field? Dark inflammation purgatory liberation!"
The strongest light at the moment turned to the deepest darkness, and the purple flame around Ralph instantly melted. The temple could not withstand these two strong tears, and Steve saw that the six elders left the temple in a coma during the fierce fighting between the two sides. It was no longer for him to intervene at this level.
In fact, after the end of the chaotic year, it is extremely rare for the gods to return to the realm of God. After all, owning the realm means that they have entered the realm of God. Even the lowest demigods will not easily fight with the people in the main material world. Their destructive power is too strong, and it is still a small matter to accidentally hit a real fire, earthquake and tsunami. It is too much to blame the gods, and no one can bear this responsibility.
They just pulled out, and they were facing the burning temple. They were helpless. They heard a frightening roar from time to time, and they seemed to have nothing to do except pray.
Is a mess to listen to "Dangdang Dangdang …" Shortness of the bell rang Steve’s face changed, and he climbed into the distance and saw one beacon tower after another being lit in turn, and his heart suddenly sank.
When they saw that his face was gray, they quickly asked what was going on. Listening to him, he said as if he groaned, "The war has invaded the orcs again."
At this time, I saw a man wearing a military uniform and wearing a badge of Thiel Church on his chest riding a fiery red horse and shouting, "War is over. Citizens take up arms and go to the square to meet the truth. Long live freedom …"
A stone stirs up thousands of waves. The Truth Gate seems to have come alive. Several citizens are rushing home to do small business. The stalls and carts have been pulled off, and the guests have been thrown away. The castles are full of owners shouting, "Hurry up, hurry up, war, where is my armor? Hurry up and prepare for my master."
It turns out that the Truth Gate has been subjected to endless wars since its establishment. Most of the nobles, big and small, have experienced the test of war. Although they have been used to peaceful days in recent ten years, there are still some martial arts habits left behind. A series of recent events are certainly disturbing, but everyone’s hearts are in vain. If the city can’t be saved, then everything is over
Fortunately, those rescue teams do not include the Taier Church Paladin City Defense Force, which are the two forces of the Senate. They will never play out the cards until the time of life and death. At this time, it is martial law. Otherwise, I don’t know how to be chaotic.
Those believers who received the emergency call from the church of Los Angeles were dressed neatly, and they didn’t care to rescue the temple at this time. They turned their heads and rushed to the right place. At this time, thousands of Taier paladins led by Tianwei, and most of the Yugoslav defense forces had gathered in the square at the entrance of the Senate, waiting for the departure order.
It’s about three days’ journey from the Gate of Truth to the fast horse of the Rock Fortress. In fact, it’s not possible to complete it in a short time just by recruiting private soldiers to prepare the provisions. It’s lucky to get there in half a month after these things are completed. It’s possible that the standing team of Taier Church Yugoslav Army will rush to the fortress in advance to help others set out later.
Soon, the cavalry team with a total of about 2,500 people has been prepared under the command of Tianwei. From a distance, it is a strong man, because many of the family flags are different and colorful, which is a bit funny.
Several people gathered in the periphery of the square with dry food in their hands. He hoped that the materials could be given to the warriors and their families to take the best care of.
"Warriors and friends, at this moment, with great indignation and grief, I tell you an unfortunate news. As you can see, there is a war. Just now, we received a warning from the rock fortress. Obviously, those damn orcs broke the Covenant and they fought against us without authorization."
Raistlin At this time, Price looks listless, his voice is hoarse, and the continuous bad news has almost crushed this energetic young man. His worries and foreign troubles have made him complain. Fortunately, his father’s family has always supported him. Otherwise, he would have been swallowed up by the old foxes in the Senate.
"But we won’t be afraid because we are citizens of the glorious truth gate. This city is made by the blood and sweat of our ancestors. Every inch of land here is their own life. Can we allow these dirty beasts to trample on our home?"
"no!" I don’t know who was the first to raise his weapon and shout.
"That’s right. Let those wild animals go back to their pigsty!"
"kill these damn beast!"
People have raised their weapons and pounded on shields, which form a huge wave. Those Taier warriors are still like statues, and the scene around their mounts is in stark contrast. From this, we can see that Tianwei is really a famous enemy commander. Just looking at the warriors’ spirits, we can know that this is a team like steel.
"Now I declare that Tianweige, the martial arts chief of Taier Church, will take the lead in this battle and ask Tianweige to lecture."
Before Tianwei rode, the sun saw his shining head, but for this tense moment, he was afraid of causing a burst of laughter. You can see that he is very tall and at least six feet tall, wearing a short-sleeved one-piece chain mail, showing his arms and muscles, and a red cloak fluttering in the wind.
"Fuck these orc bastards!"
He suddenly shouted at the top of his lungs, and everyone was shocked for a moment. Listening to the soldiers’ faces full of excitement, they shouted with him, and the crowd in the square fell into a fanatical atmosphere for a while.