"I’m going!" The Buddhist took the key and hurried out of the imperial palace. There was a key that was kept by the emperors of the past, and it was never easy to show that Leng Kunyang was a very faithful Buddhist.

"I have a feeling that Su Yiming may not be as simple as Chen Er thought." After the Buddhist left, Leng Kunyang finally came clean with his thoughts. "On the surface, Su Yiming’s words and deeds are normal, but maybe all this is just a smoke bomb thrown by him. Maybe he has guessed that he is going to refine Dan medicine. Chen Er will kill him to kill him, and he will only press the key moment. This rejuvenation grass and Meng Po grass are alive from Khmer chips. Only he can enter the so-called secret room of herbs. Perhaps it is just his golden cicada shedding its shell. Once Chen Er really allows him to return to the snow to get medicine.
"Father’s real child is also so worried." Leng Yuchen is as suspicious as his father’s. "The more harmful it is, the more likely it is to be hidden. Although Su Yiming doesn’t like to deal with royalty at first glance, he must not understand how to protect himself. Please forgive the selfish child. Although he knows that he will not die in the end, he still wants to take a risk. Anyway, the child has gone to the snow to control Su Yiming’s woman and son, and he will be killed if he doesn’t hand over the medicine!"
"Chen son father taste don’t want you to live longer? Even if it is possible, my father is willing to take ten risks. My father wants to wake you up. Don’t take this Su Yiming lightly. It is best to grasp his weakness so as to get what you want. "
"Thank you, my father, for being educated." Leng Yuchen looked at Leng Kunyang with a refusal. "Father, if Su Yiming dares to play any tricks with the child, the child will exterminate him and that Qiu girl even if he lives less than four months."
"Father believes in you!" Leng Kunyang nodded with satisfaction. "By the way, what are you going to do with that [bitch] who is in Changfeng and Muyu?"
"Father and son want to send her back to Xueman when her ptomaine is about to be released, and at the same time tell the world that Xueman’s royal family is ungrateful, so that our Khmer army will not say that we are treacherous." In the eyes of Changfeng, Dusk and Cold Rain, disgust and hatred flashed. "Son has ordered someone to poison the informed staff in the government last night. He and Su Yiming judged that the ptomaine will be released in January at most."
"Chen son if so throw Changfeng sunset rain back into the snow long wind proud father may not admit that her ptomaine is snow diffuse dye might even bite back and say you planted it" cold Kunyang eyes a deep feel wrong.
"Father and child have thought of this, so the child is going to take her to the Liucheng Ice and Snow Festival, let her have a poisonous hair and listen to the method to let her tell the truth in public, so that heaven and man will know Changfeng and proud father will miss the opportunity to justify." Leng Yuchen has obviously calculated.
This border area between Xilin and Khmer in Liucheng belongs to both countries at the same time. Because of the cold climate, it is covered with ice and snow for half a year. People there live in misery and happiness, so they hold an ice and snow festival every winter. Anyone who wants to play can go to the competition. Whoever makes ice sculptures is more vivid, but it also brings a lot of vitality to the cold town. This strategy has been in existence for nearly a hundred years, and there have never been any wars outside, and there have been many ice and snow festivals. It is naturally feasible to go to various countries and there are many participants. Only when the truth is revealed in front of the world can Khmer troops be justified.
"Chen Er really didn’t disappoint her father. This method is really good!" Leng Kunyang nodded approvingly. "Since there is still a month, you can secretly transfer 500,000 troops to the border in batches. When the time comes, you can lead the troops to flatten the snow!"
"Yes, father!"
Just as the father and son were talking, Buddhist Yin returned to the imperial room with two ice jade boxes in his hand, and his face was extremely ugly.
"There are no those two medicines in the national treasury or not?" Cold rain Chen at Buddhist a sullen heart thumped a.
"I went through the Treasury Notebook. When I first ascended the throne, I secretly bought a plant of resurrection grass and a plant of Meng Po grass. I put these two ice jade boxes in the Treasury Chamber, but I just entered the Chamber of Secrets and found that one thing and two herbs were missing." Buddhist said as he presented a jade box.
"How did this happen?" Leng Yuchen was stunned. "Did someone enter the secret room and steal the herbs?"
"I have carefully read this ice jade box, where it is stained with a lot of dust, and like other objects around it, it should have been untouched for many years. Even if someone took two herbs inside, it should have been many years ago, but I don’t know the notebook and remember it."
Cold Rain Chen discovered that the Buddhist jade box on the cold Kunyang table was indeed covered with dust, and several clear fingerprints must have been left by him just playing the jade box.
"This is the first time that I have entered the throne. Is it possible that someone stole these two herbs when I first ascended the throne?" Leng Kunyang narrowed his eyes and carefully recalled that there was no such thing as father and king in his memory.
"Could it be that when I first ascended the throne, I forgot to remember it in my notebook?" Buddhist also dare not assert, after all, the first emperor at that time who can know things?
"Buddhist, are you really sure that this jade box has not been passive for many years?" Leng Kunyang looked at the Buddhist again.
"When I locked the key, I carefully looked at the door and keyhole of the Chamber of Secrets. When I pushed the door and entered, the eunuch guarded the treasury, it was also thick gray. We left footprints every step of the way, but there was no trace in the whole Chamber of Secrets except that I left traces with the eunuch. I found that the ice jade box was immediately looked up and looked at the whole Chamber of Secrets. There was absolutely no trace of forced entry and theft."
"So it was many years ago that this herb was lost." Cold Kunyang swept the cold rain and looked at his face with a faint disappointment. He also sighed in his heart. "Don’t lose heart, Chen. You have two hands to prepare. If you can control Su Yiming, you are not afraid that he won’t take out herbs. Chapter 347 Acting!
"My father killed me. It’s good for my child to live four months longer. If he can’t live more, it’s also an act of god." Leng Yuchen looked up at Leng Kunyang’s face, and the disappointment was gone. Instead, he was determined and calm. "Father should have called his brothers to come today. The child excused himself!"
"Chen Er retired!" Leng Kunyang nodded and looked at Leng Yuchen’s quiet retreat.
Leng Yuchen went out of the palace and was not busy going to the clause, but returned to Taifu’s room and sat alone for half a day. No one knew what he was busy with. At dusk, Leng Yuchen sent out several secret orders, which made people ready for the carriage and left for the clause.
The carriage stopped when it was cold and rainy in Zui Xiang, and people went to buy some of the most distinctive dishes and asked for an altar of "Shilixiang" before continuing to set out.
The carriage Lengyuchen pulled out a small jade box from the bag and took out a dormant insect to let go. A white light flashed in the heart with one hand. The insect slowly moved, and Lengyuchen’s luck came up with a white mist and floated into the jar slowly.
When the white fog disappears, the cold rain in the jar pulls out a sharp knife, lifts the sleeves, draws a mouth on the arm, and then puts the worm in the mouth. When the worm smells blood, it creeps into the cold rain and the mouth automatically heals.
But at the moment, Su Yiming and Xiaobaizheng in clause 4 didn’t seem to feel dangerous approaching step by step.
Xiaobai is not Su Yiming’s opponent. Every few steps, he sighs, and from time to time, he plays tricks and regrets chess. Su Yiming raises his eyebrows and looks at his face. His smile is full of evil spirits. Are you sure? !”
Xiaobai shivered for no reason and retracted his hand with a wry smile. "I’m just saying that I don’t have to regret it!" "
"You’re such a smelly chess basket. I wish you had half as much as Qiu Er." Su Yiming slipped past Mu Huanying again in front of him. Although he has ordered people to bring letters back to the snow today, he is still nervous in his heart, and this feeling of missing bones is really uncomfortable.