This team can be regarded as an elite team wherever it goes. Naturally, Liu Xuan can’t take these ordinary people, not to mention the strength of this team. Many people dress like fleeing. Seeing each other in these situations makes the original look even more ugly.

Lu Jie came to Liu Xuan and swept around. "Liu Gong, your team is too down and out, isn’t it?"
LiuXuan is smiled "do you think if this section of the road really what’s the mistake, they can really charge? Don’t say that these people under my command, including your cavalry, don’t expect you and me to lead the way in the end. My brothers are familiar with the road, although their fighting capacity is poor. Don’t forget that they used to be beggars on the border, whether it is Tianqin or Beifan. "
If you think about it, Lu Jie is right. If you really want to meet guys who dare to fight this team, you can’t count on them. Don’t talk about them. Even those cavalry who can fight are useless.
So they screamed and limped, and they were in high spirits. Yesterday, although they suffered some flesh and blood, the later leaders gave them a lot of lingshi. Although many of them are not lingshi, this thing is equivalent to silver. Today, the leaders found them such a job. You know, although they are captive hunting teams, they still rarely receive escort work. Don’t turn them around because of their poor strength.
They are even more worried about the danger. Although the journey from here to the northern fortress is not close, it is almost the Beifan people and various hunting teams. These guys are not ordinary people at first glance. Who will go looking for trouble at this time?
It’s not far from here to the northern fortress in a straight line, but there’s a small swamp separated by it. It’s estimated that it takes about two hours to fly, like Liu Xuan. However, if these vehicles add horses, they will have to get out of the way. It may not be possible to get there in two days.
This is why this team must find a guide.
Because of the current situation in Tianqin and Beifan, they didn’t take the official road when they came. I’m afraid it’s more troublesome to go from here to the official road to the northern fortress than to bypass it from here. Besides, there are troops everywhere along the way. These scattered troops are the most dangerous in wartime. If you have offended these small troops and killed you, you have no place to argue.
There are lame third-class people to lead the way. According to lame three words, it is really feasible here, because the cold season in Yanbei is much longer than that in other days. Yanbei dating has been nearly seven months, but now it has just entered the cold season, and the swamp water has just frozen, and the ice layer is not thick. The road is quite difficult to walk.
Even with a limp, the accident happened when they led the way. They turned a mountain pass, which was adjacent to the swamp. For some reason, the mountain pass collapsed, and the only road that could bypass the swamp was blocked.
If there is anyone, it’s all right to say that there are six flying repairers in Jialiuxuan. Although the collapsed section is very long, flying a few times will take people there, but these people still have war horses and there is still a long way to go after the northern fortress. They can’t abandon their horses
This will trouble the collapsed road. If these people repair it, I’m afraid it won’t be finished in ten days. So these northern people finally decided to take the swamp.
There’s nothing we can do. Everything has come here. If we look back, we may not be able to get around here in five or six days. Moreover, Lu Jie said that this Beifan helper will arrive at the northern fortress in two days. If the delay is too long, I’m afraid it will be unexpected. They decided to take risks.
It doesn’t matter to lame three. Although it’s not cold season, it’s not difficult for them to cross this swamp often. Lame three, they cut down many shrubs and wrapped their feet in bark, so that although they walk much harder, their safety is greatly improved, because their feet are not easy to get stuck in the swamp because of the increase in area.
Not only that, Lame San also requires everyone to carry a board. Of course, Liu Xuan and other advanced practitioners are excluded, that is, flying people. Of course, there is no restriction in the swamp
Lame San’s request was resisted by the northern people. They didn’t want to tie themselves to brown like Lame San, and they didn’t want to recite a board for no reason. Finally, they had to let them succeed.
32, swamp boa constrictor
These proud cavalry soon suffered enough and paid a huge price.
What is a swamp? To put it bluntly, there is a layer of plants growing on the surface, and the soil layer is full of water or mud.
If it’s the cold season, there’s nothing wrong with the ice on the water surface here, not to mention the horse or the first elephant, but now it’s just entering the cold season facade, although it’s frozen, but the ice layer is very thin, not to mention the horse or the man, which is extremely dangerous to walk on.
Lame 3: They have accumulated a lot because they often come and go here. They often wrap branches and bark with their feet, which increases the stress area, even if you walk on the ice, it will be much safer.
But horses can’t, because war horses can’t bear their weight because of the ice. These knights have to walk on horses. To ensure the safety of horses, they have to choose those with plants to walk on the ground, but even so, some of them still have horses stuck in the mud.
At this time, I can see that Lame III’s foresight has played a very big role in saving people and saving themselves because they carried wooden boards on their backs. As soon as many people get stuck in the mire, they often throw the boards aside and climb out by themselves. Even if they can’t climb out, they can stick to others to save themselves. But the cavalry in Beifan can just do it. Their horses are heavier than people. Many knights have heavy armor, even leather armor is much heavier than cloth, and they don’t have wooden boards. Many people are already submerged in the mire without waiting for others to save themselves.
These knights finally realized the importance of wooden boards. Some of them were grumpy and could not be robbed by their direct hands. After Liu Xuan killed a few of them, they were also honest. In the face of their own life safety problems, they finally treated several clever knights’ property and lame three correctly. Of course, they exchanged some wooden boards to build lame three. They had extra wooden boards.
But it’s not surprising that the main house is even a carriage, but their carriage is really amazing. When they arrived at the swamp, the main guard directly changed the carriage and rotated a pallet similar to a sled, so that even if the carriage walked on the ice, there would be no problem.
What’s even more amazing is that the pick-up horses can walk freely on the ice. At this time, Liu Xuancai noticed that these horse-drawn carts are all like the horses in his bag. After the beast went into the swamp, the carriage sent out bursts of light to wrap these horse-drawn horses. This is like a protective array, but when the horse’s hoof stepped on the ice, there was a piece of ice, and their feet scattered and instantly increased the thickness of the ice. No wonder they were safe.
After walking a third of the way, Liu Xuan definitely felt something was wrong. He was a hunter and keenly felt that these people should be stared at by some wild animals, so he called Lame Sanlai "Is there a monster in this swamp?"
Lame three dynasties Liu Xuan leaned in. "Of course, there are monster beasts. Tianqin borders Beifan. There are the most monster beasts in this swamp. This is why we don’t want to go to this swamp. But now it’s cold season, they should hibernate. Generally, it’s rare to hear that there is winter coming out."
Liuxuan eyebrows a wrinkly slightly "no, we have been stared at by something, so be careful."
Liuxuan side the words sound just fell and suddenly there was a loud noise next to the main carriage. The ice next to the carriage suddenly cracked and a black shadow emerged from the bottom of the water and directly jumped on the ice to slide the carriage.
Liu Xuan, who is greatly surprised by everyone, has a feeling, but he still tells Lame San that others don’t know yet, and the four dharma repairs and Bai Huxian Jun, the original guardian carriage, have been spread to prevent someone from falling into the mire again, so there is really no defensive force around the carriage.
Seeing the black shadow pouncing on the carriage like a hill, Liu Xuan wanted to raise his legs to face the black shadow as soon as he turned around. Although he was still a few feet away from the carriage, his feet suddenly burst into a flame. If the shells were shot straight out, they would hit the black shadow.
This is no ordinary flame technique. This is the musket technique realized by Zongdian of Liuxuan Town. This flame combines hot and burst runes. When the flame hits the shadow, it instantly explodes with great power and directly lifts the shadow away.
But that is the carriage flame explosion power was unscathed, which really surprised Liu Xuan.
At this time, everyone just came to their senses. The shadow turned out to be a swamp python. This thing is a second-order monster beast. It is reasonable to say that it should hibernate in the cold season. I don’t know what attracted him to come out for food when the cold season came. This is really unreasonable.
However, no matter whether he is reasonable or not, even if he shows up, we can’t let go of his four dharma repairs. On the contrary, Lu Jie moves fastest. His direction is the other side of the carriage. Liu Xuan kicks the boa constrictor to fly away. When Lu Jie rotates, he cuts a white light against his body, and a big sword cuts the boa constrictor directly. The huge power of the boa constrictor directly cuts a wound several feet long.
After the boa constrictor fell to the ground, it tumbled into the swamp and never disappeared.
"How did you guard it? How could there be such a big mistake? There are second-order monsters in this swamp. Why didn’t you say anything before?" Among the four dharmas, the only female dharma immediately asked questions and almost poked Liu Xuan’s nose with her finger.
In detail, this matter is indeed a problem with Liu Xuan’s side, but it is not that he forgot to wake up after limping, and the monster beast base will not come out in the swamp this season. Who knows what will happen this time?
But what is Liu Xuan’s personality? Don’t say that he still has doubts about this matter. Even if he doesn’t doubt it, he won’t admit it. So he snorted, "This boa constrictor shouldn’t have come out in the cold season. Who knows what’s going on and what’s going on in your carriage has caused hibernating boa constrictors to come out and attack you? After all, it’s your own fault?"
This is really his sophistry, but after he finished, the other party actually didn’t continue to argue with him, which made Liu Xuan more determined in his own thoughts.
33, the town storm
After such a big accident, everyone was alert. Although the boa constrictor is a second-order monster beast, it can’t afford to turn over any waves in the face of Liu Xuan and many other second-order places, but it hasn’t appeared since it was injured.
After two days’ trekking, they finally came to the mountains, and generally speaking, the mountains came out of the swamp. Just as everyone was excited by the appearance of the mountains, Liu Xuan suddenly had that strange feeling again. He turned his body and threw one hand behind him, and he came to the carriage like a cannonball. There was also a dharma repair here, and he pushed the other side. After that, Liu Xuan suddenly appeared a bright green long knife in his hand, and then he turned into a head and feet, and then gently scratched the ice, just like writing, and waved it out with a knife.
Just as Liu Xuan’s long green knife swung out for a moment, a huge shadow just appeared in front of Liu Xuan’s knife, and the long green knife was like tofu without any resistance and was easily broken by everything.
This shadow is a boa constrictor that has never been seen. It seems that this guy still refuses to give up, but this monster beast does have patience. When he finds out that the other side has several second-order capabilities, he can keep it until now.
Think about it, it has refused to appear, because it was injured by Liu Xuan and Bai Hu Xian Jun, but seeing Liu Xuan and others leaving the swamp, if he doesn’t make moves, he will never have another chance when Liu Xuan and others land.
It needs to be a second-order monster beast, but after all, it is a water, but when it lands, its huge body is suspected and it has become the target of all attacks.
Om, this crowd directly bombed the nest. These two days, they have been very depressed. There will be pressure on anyone who is stared at by a second-order boa constrictor. But they never expected that Liu Xuan turned out to be a gentle knife and a second-order boa constrictor was cut off. This is simply refreshing their cognition. The shadow in my heart disappears instantly.
Even the four dharmas looked at Liuxuan like monsters, because Liuxuan has the ability to slay boa constrictors with one knife, which means that Liuxuan also has the ability to slay them with one knife, so it is necessary to be careful in the face of such a powerful opponent.
When everyone was celebrating, a voice suddenly came from the carriage, "I didn’t expect this Liu Gong to be so brave. No wonder he dared to meet us with such a few troops, but it’s a pity …"
The sound is gentle and clear, like a silver bead falling on a jade plate.
Liu Xuan slightly one leng, he didn’t expect that a harem was sitting in the carriage, and it was rare that this man never spoke all the way and didn’t know why, so he looked at Lu Jie slightly surprised.
So did Ruggie. Nai shrugged his shoulders. That means it’s obvious that you never asked, and it’s not my fault.