He has now understood the intention of the opposite CC52 team!

It’s a complete insight!
According to the idea of CC52 team command, in the first round, they sealed a wave of beast power on No.3 Lingbo City, and then Lingbo City broke off its own side. According to their hardware strength, Lingbo City broke off its own side, and summoning beast BB to hit it should definitely kill the opposite dreamer team Lingbo City. In that case, another Lingbo City and the sunset will be shot, so that the dreamer team Datang government can be killed.
The key point is to kill the two outputs of the dreamer team, which is equivalent to a 5V3 battle plus two seals on your side holding a field with one speed and two speeds, so that you can firmly grasp the rhythm of the field after the first round.
However, the CC52 team didn’t expect that the attack of Lingbo City on your ex-boyfriend’s role would be protected by Fang Xiang just now. In this way, the HP blood volume of your ex-boyfriend Lingbo City has been reduced by about half, and it is not easy to want BB protection.
And killing the Tang government is even more meaningful!
All attacks have summoners BB or personas to resist publicity. When the attack of CC52 team ended in the first round in front of Zhang Yang, Zhang Yang also deducted less than half of his blood.
"Is the block coming?"
All the fans watching this PK live dream friend are puzzled.
This is completely confusing!
One second, it seems that the CC52 team is going to explode and kill the two outputs of the Dreamer team directly, but the next second, all their turbulent offensives are blocked.
Everything is in vain.
This is the time.
When everyone on CC52 team couldn’t help frowning.
Across from the dreamer team, a small line of words appeared on the top of the head of the dreamer F.
"Oh, oh, I seem to have forgotten to talk about the CC52 team just now, right?"
"5 rounds to solve you"
Chapter 17 is not a joke
"five rounds to solve you"
With this, the current channel above the head of the discourse dreamer F comes out, and the faces of the CC52 team are also raising a haze.
The fist was clenched tightly as soon as it was clenched.
Too ..
Too arrogant for MD, right? !
How dare you talk like this when you are already at a disadvantage?
"Hum dead duck mouth shut"
"Since their dreamer team has to ask for a dead end like this, there is no need for us to let them attack from the next round."
"Let them know that we are not the gap but-"
The words were gnashed from the head of CC52 team.
The team members in CC52 know that their head is really angered by the words of the dreamer F!
In the aspect of command, the commander of CC52 team also overthrew the previously deployed command panel and rearranged it!
When Fang wanted to say this, except for the dreamer team, everyone was a so-called sample, including those who watched the live broadcast, but they couldn’t help but take a deep breath.
This MD…… …
Is it too fierce?
At this time, you barely resisted each other’s two waves of killing. You should keep a low profile, try to survive in the cracks in adversity, and then look for opportunities to make a comeback. But now that you are in harmony, the momentum in the first round is weak. You still say such things. Isn’t this deliberately irritating your opponents?
Even A Girl Without Sorrow at this time also can’t help but shook his head.
"The dreamer team is a little ignorant."
"This wave and the 52 team Gank are likely to lose."
Although this remark is a bit ugly, it is also true that A Girl Without Sorrow has seen many fierce games. Previously, the first day of the so-called Fantasy Westward Journey was led by Suk, and the old Murk was also broadcast live by A Girl Without Sorrow.
However, unlike the current dreamer team, the old Murk side is the top position of hardware, and the dreamer team obviously doesn’t know how many pieces to drop in hardware.
If your hardware exceeds the opposite direction and you shout in this way, no one will doubt it, but your hardware is not as good as others, and you still shout in this way, isn’t it asking for a dead end?
Watching the live broadcast, more than 110,000 dreamer fans are optimistic that the dreamer team has no head.
Almost everyone has decided that the dreamer team will lose this battle.
After all, hardware is too important.
There is no extra pressure on everyone here with the dreamer team.
Because Fang thought that the current channel had finished that sentence, he had already ordered a new round of tactical arrangements.
in good order
Everything is like a plan.
In terms of hardware, they really lost to CC52 team, but don’t forget that in terms of command, they are going to dump CC52 team and don’t know how many streets!
"The second round of defending against a wave of killing will also lay the foundation for our counterattack in the third round."
Party want to light out a word.
Four people have different mouths.
Second round of the game
According to the instructions of CC52 team leader, another fierce offensive broke out on CC52 team side.
However, Shuanglingbo City has previously used this wave of broken Yueshi Institute to surge so as to level the A-sect skills.
In the second round, the CC52 team offensive was once again intercepted by the dreamer team.
If one round of killing was intercepted as luck, what about the two rounds? Is it still luck?
"This dreamer team is ready to die with the CC52 team!"
"But even so, the dreamer team still falls into the wind."
"They just said that it would take five rounds to solve the battle. I think it’s bragging. It’s good to be able to resist losing later in this way."