Trillion wood fairy will tone with a warning.

At this moment
Jiang Feng has returned to the extreme door all the way.
The only thing that disappointed him about this incident was that he didn’t find out who the most important spy was.
Can I check again when I have a chance?
Be sure to pay attention to the dynamic of Lingyun Xianzun.
Back to Lingyun Yunfeng Jiangfeng, I found that Lingyun Xianzun was still closed.
But let’s just say he packed up something and walked directly to a canyon not far away.
Through the jungle of trees
Pulling green leaves along the road in memory is a thatched yard.
Before Jiang Feng walked into the hospital, a man suddenly appeared and struck him on the head with a stick.
Fortunately, Jiang Feng reacted quickly.
Backhand gear directly blocks the stick out.
An old face is glaring at him "small! You’ve been gone so long that you don’t know how to look at the old man! "
"I’m not here," Jiang Fengkou said.
"You just come and I want a beautiful woman!" The old man is short of breath
Jiang Feng but a flash back out "to say what you fix from here! ?”
"From! ?”
The old man didn’t hide his bitter face. "I told you before that I swore that I wouldn’t step out of the canyon until I developed my peerless martial arts!" "
"The old lady’s integrity will naturally not break her word!"
The old man’s eyes faintly flashed a little unwilling.
"You teach me the second half of Wushu and wish you an early completion. You can’t go out! ?”
Jiang Feng looked at the old man and said
The old man refused to promise anything when his head shook into a rattle.
"Absolutely not. If you don’t worship my teacher, you can’t teach you Wushu."
Looking at the old man still decisively.
Jiang Feng smiled and shook his head, expecting that he would say so.
"Since I don’t teach, I just brought some good things this time!" Jiang Feng said from the ring.
Take out the delicious food extorted by Yunfeng Pavilion.
The smell of the old man’s mouth water flowed out. "Small … small! This is a thing! ?”
"Good thing!"
Jiang Feng finished setting dishes on the stone table in the distance.
And took out an altar of wine from the bosom and swallowed the old man’s saliva.
"come on! Try these things! " Jiang Feng hello way with a smile
The old man nodded again and again, picked up chopsticks and wanted to eat food and sent it to his mouth, and suddenly stopped.
He stared at Jiang Feng warily.
"Small! I don’t believe you. Are you bluffing me? ?”
"It’s definitely not good to eat your food. I will never give it to you!"
Jiang Feng smiled and nodded.
"Don’t worry! I won’t ask you to teach me to eat first! "
The old man is still a little uneasy.
But looking at a table full of delicious food, I can’t just eat it.
After a while, a table of delicious food was slowly eaten by the old man alone.
The remaining one third is eaten by Jiang Feng.
In particular, wine is drunk directly as water until it is finished, and he is still wanting more.
"Ha ha! I am not wrong about you! "
The old man patted his belly and said
Jiang Feng smiled and nodded, slowly got up and became wary.
I wish this little guy wouldn’t take the opportunity to make a fuss.
"It’s getting late. I’ll come again and go first!"
Jiang Feng said and turned away.
Instead, the old man was shocked at the moment.
Back to Lingyun Yunfeng Jiangfeng closed practice.
The next day, Jiang Feng went to see the youngest son again.
The old man couldn’t wait to urge Jiang Feng to come up with delicious food so that Jiang Feng wouldn’t refuse.
And put out a table of delicious food.
After another wind and clouds, Jiang Feng left directly without saying anything.
The same is true on the third day and the fourth day.
Wait until the fifth day when the old man is in high spirits and waits for Jiang Feng to come in front of the door.
But there is no sign of Jiang Feng.
Just the old man Jiang Feng was delayed, but Jiang Feng didn’t come for three or four days.
Just go.
I am used to eating tea leftovers and don’t eat all the year round.
These days, I have been raised by Jiang Feng’s various delicacies.
In particular, the wine made him drunk, and everything was beautiful. It was really urgent that the old man suddenly disappeared.
"Fucking little! Little bastard! "
realize the truth suddenly
He finally knows what this little trick is.
I can’t stand the temptation of food and have to bow to him.
"Fucking little! I’ve never frowned since I was born, so you can bring me to heel! ?”
The old man was so angry that he blew his eyes.
Dumped the practice of cutting.
On the fourth day, the old man was really miserable.
On the fifth day, the old man has become very irritable.
On the sixth day, the old man swore in front of the door directly, "Good! Ok! Ok! If you win, I’ll give you the third formula and get out of here! "
After his tone.
Suddenly a figure came out of the Woods.