"really?" Terumi Mei smiled brilliantly.

"Why is Lord Shui Ying here?" Kakashi discovered at this moment that Shu Mao’s teammate was Shui Ying’s adult!
"This is not a place to talk. You follow her to break through those others. Do you know? "
"Who else?"
"The waterstop soil may have been brought here by them. Didn’t you find them?"
"I’ve seen orochimaru, not anyone else."
"Forget it. I’ll look for it when you break through. Where did you see orochimaru?"
"I should go inside. By the way, there seems to be an altar inside. I just saw orochimaru from the altar."
Shui Ying heard the conversation between the two people and broke through directly. Obviously, he still has to continue to find others.
Shu Mao went to Kakashi’s side and gave him a hand. He gave him a simple treatment for his body injury and then simply checked Kakashi’s body to see if there was anything else.
Kakashi felt a powerful chakra jump into his body from the contact position of Shumao, and then he felt a shock all over. That chakra directly flooded his body, and he swam in his body, which not only eliminated his physical fatigue, but also helped him heal his physical trauma.
After a while, the ninjas who surrounded them just now have all been solved by Shui Ying, and the three of them continue to walk to Kakashi to lead the way, and Shui Ying is in the middle of the tree.
Kakashi really knows a lot about this place, and soon they found a new cell, which is filled with water and water, which is even worse than Kakashi’s. There is blood everywhere, which looks very sad. It seems that his eyes have been gouged out. Don’t look at the people who are interested in his eyes!
"Stop water!" For the first time, Shu Mao felt it necessary to dry up the whole morning. For the first time, Shu Mao had a strong hatred!
"Tree mau adult you’re here? It’s a pity my eyes … "
"Don’t talk about it. My sister has a pair of eyes over there. You should be able to."
"No, I want to say that I saved my eyes and two people were injured by me! Ahem … "
"What’s the matter? Let me see! Lord Shui Ying, please watch it for me. "
"No problem, leave it to me!"
Shu Mao cut the chain of the water stop body and treated him.
"They want to move my eyes, but they don’t know that there is a seal in my eyes, and the thing that ignites that seal is me, chakra, so when they just took my eyes away, I immediately ignited the chakra in my eyes, and my eyes exploded directly, and their departments were all injured by the fragments generated by the explosion of my eyes …"
Shu Mao didn’t say anything. He once had his eyes gouged out. He knew how painful it was.
Chapter 22 True and False orochimaru (1)
"Do you know who is going to cut out your eyes?"
"Well, I know it’s a two-faced man with black and white faces. I seem to have seen him before. He was injured by me. orochimaru didn’t let him move my eyes, but he didn’t believe orochimaru. I don’t know how orochimaru knew there was a seal in our eyes, but hey hey, I heard a group of people screaming and I felt very good."
"Don’t worry, you will have a chance to deal with them, I promise!"
"It seems that my eyes can be saved or dragged you."
"Well, it’s me!"
"Did you see the dirt?"
"I’m sorry I didn’t see you …"
"I can understand your feelings for my brother. I’m sorry for my brother. He has hurt too many people. I really don’t know what to say. It’s …"
"Then don’t say what you have to do now is to keep yourself hurt! He has me for everything. "
"Yeah, I see."
Water-stopping eyes have been bandaged by Shu Mao’s cloth belt. It doesn’t look so terrible. Kakashi is holding the seriously injured water-stopping with Shu Mao and Terumi Mei behind him.
"Who else is there?" Water stop small asked kakashi.
"It’s Lord Shui Ying of the Fifth Generation!"
"Is she? How did she come? Did something happen? "
"Well, what happened this time is quite special. The ghost country’s resurrection is clear, followed by Xiao. Some ghosts of Yin and Yang divisions who have not died have also participated in this incident. Therefore, the five major countries have formed an alliance. This time, let’s take a look at the power of the alliance. I am the captain of Watergate, and Shui Ying and Terumi Mei are both vice captains. The strength of people from other countries should not be underestimated." Shu Mao simply introduced the personnel situation to Kakashi to stop water.