Hear my words wei li leng one!

At this time, Xiaoling turned and walked towards me and said, but it’s stipulated from here …
I interrupted Xiaoling before she finished. I said I’m not afraid!
Wei li shouted at me and said crazy! You are crazy!
In the blink of an eye, I left this hellhole the next morning.
When I left, I turned to look at it.
At this time, wei li chased out, and of course, Xiaoling and others …
I said to wei li, I’ve had enough of this bondage. I’m not afraid of ghosts. Isn’t she going to kill me? Then come.
As I was speaking, my shadow suddenly changed.
Seeing this behind the scenes, my scalp suddenly went numb.
This ….. What should I do?
Of course, when this happened, everyone was far away from me
Wei li said to apologize to the ghost king or else … Come on!
Wei li stare big eyes shouted at me!
I shook my head and said, I don’t!
That’s when the shadow shifted from me …
Seeing this, I said to the upright ground shadow, who the hell are you with? I’ve been with you for almost 20 years, and now you’re under the control of some bullshit ghost king!
At this time, I felt my heart beat faster, and a warm current flowed all over my body.
My whole capillary is swollen!
Seeing this scene, everyone was blindsided.
Just then, I, uh, slowly grew a shadow in my body …
Two shadows?
However, at this time, a shadow grew out of my body and left my body. It was Momo!
Momo broke away from me.
I remember very clearly that Momo scared a shadow away in the laboratory.
After Momo came out of my body, he showed his pale face and ate my shadow
Momo is a ghost eater …
Seeing this, everyone was shocked, including myself.
Momo ate my shadow, but …
I don’t know what to say or do at the moment!
At this time, Momo turned to look at my original festering and pale face and returned to normal.
I shouted Momo’s name and Momo called me Zhou Bin.
However, after Momo called my name, he slowly turned into a shadow and then lay down and became my shadow.
At this time, I heard wei li say that there was a god of death.
I was shocked to see Momo become my shadow.
At this time, I sensed Momo, and I left a word in my heart that I would never leave you.
When I sensed this sentence, my tears fell.
Sometimes love is subtle, like is like who can replace it.
Momo finally turned into me.
Seeing this scene, wei li came up to me and wei li said to me, you may be different from me. Good luck.
I don’t know what wei li means.
What did I say? What did I say?
Wei li said that your shadow has disappeared so that you won’t be hurt by it! That means you don’t live here anymore!
I feel very sad when I hear this. No one wants to be controlled by a cold room.
Is there a ghost willing to sacrifice me so that I can take out the devil’s palm?
Isn’t that too simple?
But before I finish, wei li said, but ghosts will hunt you down
I was stunned when I heard this.
Ghost hunting?
I’m a ghost. I’m dying every minute, right?
Finally, wei li said’ good self’ to me and left.
Everything is ridiculous, but now what am I going to do?
Go home! ?
Maybe my fortuneteller father can tell me something I don’t know.
At this time, I saw Xiaoling, wei li and Ningqiang walking towards the car early in the morning.
I turned to look at it and asked why they were going so early.
Wei li said that this is an experience that goes too early and can find a shortcut from the game through some clues, just like a bug in a game.
Of course, I don’t know what wei li means, because I have experienced these things before!
Wei li told me that you should be more careful …
I ordered one and said yes.
No one thought that there was a ghost in my body, and no one thought that Momo was willing to turn me into a shadow …
I turned to look at the magnificent building.
Ghosts can’t go in there …
But Momo ghosted me, which means I can’t go in either.
I should be half a ghost.
I have a strange heart, although it is not as a ghost heart as they say, but I know this heart is different from others.
Then I said to wei li, take me with you, and I will help you finish this …
Wei li said you want to carry it out?
I said I won’t help you, and I’ll leave this place after this time.
Wei li gave me a suspicious look when he heard my words!
I don’t know what he meant, and I feel like I’m scared.
I gasped and said, I’m not afraid to return the favor.
Wei li agreed to go to your school together …
I’ve decided to help wei li, and I’ll leave here after this time! My heart is white. I’m in more danger than they are.
The car came to school.
It should be more than ten o’clock in the morning after watching it for a while
At this time, the school was so weird that there was no one there |
Wei li said, it seems that we are really valued by the ghost king, and there is no one there?