Chapter 51 497 I don’t agree with this marriage!

After eating seafood buffet with two roommates, Lin Jin came to his summer home.
In summer, he didn’t get home until 7: 00 today. According to an hour’s journey, he worked overtime at least until 7: 00 today. It is estimated that his company has some new projects.
Although he didn’t get home until 8: 00, Lin Jin forced him to practice dancing for half an hour before he broadcast live.
I hit two knife towers and ate chicken again. In summer, I suddenly said to Lin Jin, "I have something urgent to go out. Please help me hit two."
Sitting on the background board, Lin Jin looked at him blankly. This guy always doesn’t go out at night in summer. Today, I don’t know that I have something to do at night.
"What is it?" Lin Jin asked casually.
In the summer, I put my desk phone in my trouser pocket, got up and said with a smile, "Anyway, just give me two punches and I’ll be right back."
"Oh …" Lin Jin looked up blankly and shrugged in the summer. "If you come back too late, it is estimated that the audience will not want you to broadcast live."
Recently, Lin Jin’s popularity on the Internet has also increased a little. Every time there is a live broadcast, there will always be some fans who watch her videos coming to join in the fun.
Looking at the summer, Lin Jin sat in front of her head and glanced at the barrage with one hand holding her chin, and found that most of the barrage had to shout, "Don’t come back in summer."
"Well, really don’t come back." Lin Jin casually replied with a little game. "So today I will show you how powerful I am."
Lin Jin is proficient in the game. Although she is not a professional player, she is also a high-end player. She also played the game of eating chicken intermittently for a while. Now she is strong enough to play in stages in summer, which can be called fishing.
While chatting with the audience, wearing headphones to start the game, Lin Jin controlled the character to skydive directly to the most densely populated school, picked up a pistol and killed it.
She doesn’t need to search for materials, kill people and pick up bags. After coming out of school, she is already a third-class first-class second-class bag with a full rifle and sniper rifle.
About half an hour or so, Lin Jin won the first place in the first game. She was extremely complacent and boasted to the brain camera. "I have never died in a school before!" It is normal to eat chicken this time. After all, it is only 1,500 points! "
"Look at that guy in summer. That guy can’t eat chicken dishes for a few times if he scores 1,500 points!"
Lin walked over and cut the game interface to the live web page, holding his chin in his hands and looking at the barrage.
"Don’t come back in summer!"
"Goddess Lin Jin, marry me!"
"Summer is not worthy of the goddess! The goddess is me! "
Lin Jin looked at the strange barrage and smiled for a few times, but he didn’t comment on the barrage. He was puzzled and looked at the gate and said to himself, "Why don’t you come back?" It’s all over. "
"I can’t just run to my dad’s place to hide because I dislike the live broadcast, can I?"
Lin Jinzheng was going to play another game when he heard footsteps coming from the corridor outside.
So I simply stopped playing games and waited for the summer to come back.
The door was hit by a key, and in summer, it was full of smiles but a cold face at the door.
Lin Jin waited for a moment and suddenly rolled her eyes and asked, "Why don’t you come in?"
"Give you a psychological preparation," summer walked over and said outside, "You close your eyes and take a deep breath to prepare for one."
"Why? Propose? " Lin Jin didn’t pay attention to the summer words at all. She still looked at the summer outside the door and said impatiently, "Why do you have to hide something quickly?"
In the summer, I scratched my hair. Nai found that the gap between Lin Jin and his girls was too big. I walked into the room and smiled at Lin Jin. "I’ll give you a gift."
"Won’t be a flower? It’s too old-fashioned, or a diamond ring or something. Also very old-fashioned? " Lin Jin looked at the summer without getting up with one hand on her chin. "Or something else?"
I don’t know, although Lin Jin’s tone is very dull, all kinds of speculations have flashed in her heart, but her heart is inexplicably accelerating and her face is rapidly reddening.
She tried her best to pretend that she was not surprised, but she was still a little unbearable for her affectionate eyes in summer.
That look is disgusting.
Bowing their heads, Lin Jin doesn’t want to see the eyes in summer.
Then she heard the rolling sound of the roller and looked up curiously, only to find that in summer, she pulled something similar to a dining car into the house. The dining car was densely packed with roses and made into a huge flower shape. There were at least hundreds of these flowers. If they were counted at five dollars, they would be less than thousands of dollars.
Lin Jin didn’t feel romantic for the first time, but frowned and asked, "Why are you so rich?"
That summer, I was confused. Those girls saw this scene, even if they were not physically committed, but they were shy and bowed their heads and waited for the man to confess. But how did Lin Jin directly question it?
"How much is your salary? how much will the charge be? Do you dislike the live broadcast to earn too much money and have no place to spend it? " Lin Jin turned her head to one side with a face of disgust. Although her face was flushed, she still pretended to be extremely annoying.
Summer finally didn’t force him to find that Lin Jin betrayed her although she said something disgusting.
Show is very heart!
In summer, that iceberg face rarely smiled. He pushed the dining car full of roses to Lin Jin and suddenly knelt down.
Lin Jin jumped up from his chair when he was scared. He forced himself to look at his knees in summer and asked incoherently, "What’s the matter? Don’t kneel … Just say what you want to say. Don’t kneel …"
"Jin Lin! Come with me! " In the summer, he held his head up seriously. He sipped his mouth at Lin Jin and said, "Although I am not too easy to get along with, I will never let you suffer a little injustice."
Lin Jin was scared by the words in summer, and her face was distorted. She wanted to refuse directly, but she didn’t know that she would refuse to say anything.
"Can you break up at any time if I am sorry for you later?" Sincere expression in summer
Lin Jin has never seen this picture in summer, which makes people afraid.
At this time, the barrage has been madly swiped, and the barrage is unified as if it were a group of water troops.
"I don’t agree with this marriage!"
Chapter 52 49 Kiss a kiss!
Lin Jin is very entangled now.
To tell the truth, she does have some affection for summer, and I don’t know if she has been together for a long time. She has a little affection for summer for men and women.
But the problem is that after all, she used to be a man. Even though her thinking has faded now, she is still not as good as those who have been sisters since childhood. She still accepts doing those strange things with men.
It may be because of estrogen. At this time, she is almost speechless when facing this scene, and she can’t say anything whether she agrees or refuses.
Lin Jin lowered his head and wanted to force his brain to move.
Summer doesn’t matter what Lin Jin thinks now. It seems to him that Lin Jin’s shy appearance is almost equivalent to accepting himself.
With a smile, he took out a silver ring from his pocket and held out his hand to Lin Jin. He said with great affection, "No matter whether you are poor or rich, I will definitely make your life very good, and I will try my best to give you whatever you want."
"Although I’m still poor, my boss said that when this project is over, I’ll officially become a full member, and I’ll get close to 5,000 yuan a month. Although this salary is nothing in Xiamen, it can at least make our life here good." In the summer, I wanted to put a ring on Lin Jin’s finger, but Lin Jin’s hand suddenly shrank.