However, Bai Yinting can’t give up his idea of not only taking care of Xia Zhu, but also having to deal with the aftermath himself.

This made him a little overwhelmed, but he was gratified that Huang Yubo didn’t leave, but asked for leave to come to him with Lin Hao.
When the door saw them, Bai Yinting felt particularly gratified.
"Three-dimensional court here or to me" Huang Yubo volunteered.
"I just don’t want to hold you up. Brother, please trouble you this time." Bai Yinting apologized.
"Are your brothers don’t need to be so polite" Huang Yubo patted Bai Yinting on the shoulder.
"Eldest brother, I’m afraid I really need you to go there in person." Lin Hao was afraid that he wouldn’t trust Xia Zhu to move Huang Yubo.
Have Huang Yubo Bai Yinting naturally rest assured that he greeted Xia Zhu at the door and left here.
Huang Yubo gently knocked on the door. "Xia Zhuyin’s court has left. He still has some things to deal with. I’m Huang Yubo."
"You go, too. I want to stay here alone." Xia Zhu talked to the face.
"Xia Zhu, I’m a doctor. You should believe me," Huang Yubo continued. "It’s really not as terrible as you think. If just saying something and breathing the same breath is a way of broadcasting, I’m afraid there will be no healthy people in this world?"
"I just don’t want to see anyone now," Xia Zhu replied in a low voice.
"What? It’s not your fault. You are a victim. Of course, I know you don’t need sympathy from others, but Xia Zhu, you have no reason not to be strong. You have a family, a lover, a daughter and a career. What can you give up? " Huang Yubo continued
"I can give up, but I can’t take the initiative to hurt?" Xia Zhushi is also very entangled
"But you worry everyone?" Huang Yubo sighed and said, "Are you really going to stay here alone for three months?"
Xia Zhu didn’t answer and she didn’t know.
"Three months, you have to think it over. When you go out, summer has come. The modern era is developing rapidly. Do you think work will be waiting for you then? Your daughter may have forgotten what her mother looks like, "Huang Yubo said.
"But I’m out of this room now? Everyone will look at me with colored glasses. "
Xia Zhushi is afraid of those ears.
"So you’ve been avoiding them and you won’t say anything?" Huang Yubo said and asked himself, "Oh, you can’t hear yourself, can you? But what about your family? Are they going to bear it for you? What do you want Xiao edamame to do? What do you want her to say when someone asks? Those people will definitely say, if not, why is your mother hiding? "
Perhaps it was Huang Yubo’s words that touched Xia Zhu. She actually knocked the door out of the room and wore a mask. "Brother Yubo, what should I do?"
"It’s very simple. Fight back and tell everyone that you’re okay. You’ve been injured for two days at home. Those false reports will naturally be dealt with by someone," Huang Yubo said seriously
However, Xia Zhu is still not at ease. She still has all kinds of worries. She knows too well those people who like to talk about others behind their backs. They are not realistic but happy.
Besides, she really has no confidence. What if she is really infected?
Chapter seventy-four Let you my heart
After staying in Xia Zhu’s room for one night, Huang Yubo still said some things to her. He said that he was right and that his escape would not drag down his family.
She had to go out, but she was injured. She believed that she would not be so unlucky.
Didn’t the doctor also say that there is a possibility of infection? In this case, you must first sentence yourself to death?
I feel relieved when I think about Xia Zhu. She still has a lot of friends and family who support her. She can’t be defeated like this.
Otherwise, wouldn’t Li Youchen be very happy? Why bother to cooperate with him?
After figuring it out, Xia Zhu came out of the room, only to find that Huang Yubo had slept on the sofa all night or that kind of posture with his head propped up with one hand.
"Brother Yu Bo?" Xia Zhu some feel sorry for yourself is really some don’t understand.
"Hey?" Huang Yubo woke up and saw Xia Zhusong relieved. "Come out and show me your wound."
"There must be no rest last night, okay? I’m so sorry. "Xia Zhu sorry to walk over.
Huang Yubo took Xia Zhu’s arm gauze apart and looked at the wound that had been stitched. It recovered well and there was no sign of infection.
"Not bad, it’s much better than I expected. Don’t worry, it’s okay." Huang Yubo is like the sun in spring. If he laughs, everyone’s heart will melt with him.
"I decided to go home today and apologize to everyone and then go back to work." Xia Zhu vowed to finish and asked, "But is it really okay?"
"Do as I say absolutely no problem. Do you still trust me? I am a professional, "Huang Yubo said confidently.
Xia Zhu nodded. "Of course I believe you, but I still feel a little guilty."
"It’s a stranger to say that we are all friends, but it’s really a pity that the wedding didn’t take place as scheduled," Huang Yubo said
"Yes, but I don’t think my relationship with Yin Ting is a wedding. We can decide later."
Xia Zhu is also very sorry about the wedding, but let’s talk about it later.
Huang Yubo called Bai Yinting to deal with the wound. It is estimated that he didn’t sleep this night. There are too many things, and he must be a workaholic. It must be a spell to accompany Xia Zhu more often.
I heard that Xia Zhu finally came out of the room and planned to go home. Bai Yinting also breathed a sigh of relief. Is the expert more powerful?
Huang Yubo personally sent Xia Zhu home, and she was still a little nervous. Today is the weekend, Xiaomedao didn’t go to school. Actually, she didn’t go to kindergarten after the wedding.
I cried as soon as I saw the little edamame of Xiazhu, so a sad one came and hugged Xiazhu and cried even more sadly.
"Mom, how did you come back? Little edamame is so scared. Are you hurt? Where? Does it hurt? " Little edamame sobbed and asked
"Mom, I’m sorry. Little edamame worried little edamame. Mom just hurt her arm. You see, she’s almost well. She won’t cry." It’s heartbreaking to see the child Xia Zhu.
"It doesn’t hurt such a big wound." Little edamame gently held Xiazhu’s arm, and her eyes were full of worries about Xiazhu.
"Mom, are you dizzy? Sit down and rest, I’ll get you some water. "Little edamame said, holding Xia Zhu and then running to get some water.
Aunt Qiao was afraid that she would burn her hand and followed Yani. "lea, are you sure?" Why didn’t you call the police? My father didn’t come to your wedding. I feel sorry. He was particularly worried after hearing that the wedding was cancelled and something might have happened to you. "
"Say thank you to Kate for me. I have worried many friends these two days. I’m really sorry that things were so sudden that they didn’t give me a buffer. I didn’t get over it," Xia Zhu explained
"I still need to pay attention to it after I have recovered for nothing." Yani knew that it was because of revenge from a former hater.
He is also worried that Xiaomedao will be retaliated. Although he knows that there are many bodyguards around her, he still doesn’t trust to stay with her sometimes.
Little edamame poured water for Xia Zhu and then gave her a massage. I simply don’t know what to do.
"You must be very unhappy that the wedding was cancelled because of mom?" Xia Zhu asked Xiao edamame
"I really don’t care, but I was worried about my mother after I heard that her mother had an accident. The wedding really doesn’t matter. I want my mother." Little edamame said and hugged Xia Zhu’s neck.
Xia Zhu is very pleased. It seems that she is not hurting Xiao edamame in vain. She is still the closest person in her heart.
"Well, let’s go to the room with Yani’s brother." Xia Zhu didn’t want to have too much contact with Xiaomedadou, but she was still afraid.
Aunt Qiao came over after the little edamame left. "Little madam, your arm?"
"Aunt Qiao, my arm is fine for the time being, but it’s better to keep still for this period and prepare separate tableware for me."
Qiao Yi nodded and seemed to understand what was not significant.
Xia Zhu went back to her room, changed clothes, dressed herself up, and then asked Xiaowei to take her to the company.
"Little lady really don’t rest at home?" Xiaowei doesn’t think the bamboo pile is very good.
"I haven’t been to the company for a few days, I’m not at ease." After all, she is just starting, and she is still in an important position and can’t slack off.
Xiaowei is also bad to say what a good car will send Xia Zhu in the past.
When I arrived at the company, many people were surprised to see Xia Zhu, and she wouldn’t come to the company again.
Seeing that everyone dislikes their eyes, Xia Zhu didn’t mean to go directly to his office to arrange work today.
At this time, Liu Yao heard about Xia Zhulai’s company, and she trotted after the office door and rushed in without knocking.
"Xia Zhu!" When Liu Yao saw her, she couldn’t help crying with her lips curled.
"I wish you were all right, Liu Yao." Xia Zhushi was always worried about Liu Yao’s peace of mind after knowing that she was all right.
But when Liu Yao looked at her, she was full of apologies. She cried and walked over. "I’m sorry, Xia Zhu. I’m so damn. You have caused so much harm. Please hit me and scold me, or I’ll be so sad."
"It’s not your fault." Xia Zhu felt that Liu Yao could not be blamed.
But Liu Yao sobbed and said, "It’s all my fault. I didn’t stand the temptation to know that it was probably Li Youchen or him that morning. I’m sorry that Xia Zhu hurt you."
Chapter seventy-five What a shame
Seeing Chu Chu crying like a fool, Liu Yao Xia Zhu couldn’t bear to blame him. Forget it. It’s all in the past. He doesn’t want to do this either, does he?
"After choosing a man, you should think carefully. Not all men are pure love for you." Xia Zhu comforted her.
"Don’t you blame me?" Liu Yao didn’t expect Xia Zhu to be so calm
"We are best friends. I know you didn’t mean to hurt me. Fortunately, he didn’t do anything crazy to you." Xia Zhu said with a smile.