"You die!" Half-China Liancheng’s eyes were as cold as cold, and he stabbed Luo Ao in the face and said, "You are an evil disciple who is not worthy of being an heir to the Zhou Dynasty!"

When Luo Ao heard this, he was very angry and shouted, "What do you know?" Where did she know his true identity? How much do you know about his secret?
Liancheng sneered, "You should know that I all know that Luo Ao is not the first emperor of Zhou Dynasty. Since you are not making so many troubles, you are trying to seize the whole day?" She doesn’t know whether this lunatic is related to the royal family in Zhou Dynasty, but at this time she wants to provoke the other side and make him lose his mind, so as to find a way to stab the ghost of the moon and get rid of other evil spirits.
"You shut up!" Day everyone would fly emotional roar "who am I in my heart very clear about you? Who are you? I’m talking nonsense in front of me. Today I’m going to get rid of you, bitch, and your evil barrier! " The words fell on his hands and quickly turned over to detain Liancheng. It became cold around Liancheng, and then Liancheng saw several ice cones approaching her from all directions.
"You don’t underestimate me for trying to deal with me!" Qingyue raised her voice and put away the purple gold rope with her right hand. In an instant, several fireballs came out from her palm. Those fireballs greeted and hit everywhere. The ice cones exploded one after another and the rain poured from the middle.
When Luo Ao saw this, his anger surged in his heart and he rebuked the demon. "Do you have these two brushes?"
"Why? You are blaming me. If you didn’t try to be brave and keep me in confinement, how could you be so humiliated by a little girl! " The evil spirit is cool and says that he is not going to talk to him again.
Hum! Humble humans like to be brave, just try to be brave. If you don’t beg him, you can’t expect him to show his true colors and help again.
"You talk!"
"What did I say?"
"Don’t you want to see me defeated by a bitch?"
"I have summoned the army of evil spirits for you, and I have powers at your disposal. How can I help you if you want?"
"So that’s all you have to do!" Luo’ ao Jijiang
Evil cold hum "you dare to me … but if you want me to help you again, you beg me! And swear that this body will be controlled by me in the future! "
"You are delusional!"
Luo Ao attacked Liancheng while arguing with demons.
Liancheng eyes slightly narrowed a sharp ice shadow from the eyes tightly locked him.
Her palms turned over and her sleeves danced with the wind, and her figure suddenly attacked Luo Ao with incredible speed.
Luo ao found the danger approaching, and his face changed again and again. He changed his shape and wanted to kill Liancheng with one hand.
Clinker Liancheng’s body twisted strangely, and the whole body seemed to have no bones. He flew along the edge of his palm and his face became more ugly. All the true qi chased her and reached out and grabbed her ankle.
Liancheng eyes light a fiercely element hand raised a cold mountain from the fingertips to stab straight to the day everyone would fly Luo grabbed her ankle that hand.
Day everyone would fly drink forcefully stop but listen to "cough up" a loud sound, his wrist dislocated due to too hasty force.
Just bone he attacked Liancheng again.
"I will get rid of you today!"
Liancheng eyes light deep and remote cold sneered, "just you? Save your strength! "
Said her hand again raise several cold mountain like a sword to day everyone would fly to los day everyone would fly to attack while avoiding being stabbed by cold mountain suddenly felt a chill in his palm.
He was startled for a moment, and he hurried to force out the cold. Without thinking, he suddenly gathered at his fingertips to his cold-soaked hands
Cried the ice force poured in, and even if he had the ability, he could cast a trick and a half
"If you don’t want to die, please ask me to control it quickly …" The evil spirit didn’t want to disappear as soon as it reappeared in the world. He roared out.
However, before he could tell the story, Liancheng grasped the moon ghost and stabbed Luo Ao in the abdomen.
Follow her to pull out the moon ghost and fly back several feet, and you will see that the blood spilled from the place where Luo Ao was stabbed in the abdomen, and at the same time, a cloud of illusory blood fog followed.
And Luo ao at this time seems to be a fallen leaf falling rapidly in the forest.
The blood fog gradually gathered in Liancheng’s eyes, and the cold mountain burst out to attack the blood fog that was about to become an adult, but I heard Junyi’s faint voice raise, "Don’t come to me!"
With his voice falling on the moon, the ghost suddenly jumped out of her palm and stabbed straight at the heart of the bloody shadow.
No host, no support, no vitality. The evil spirit has not recovered yet. Seeing that it is about to stab his heart, his eyes are full of horror.
He can’t escape the suspense and is stabbed by the moon.
"Is it worthwhile to help a girl who doesn’t have you in her heart and sacrifice herself like this?" Demon evil voice raised, "You are a poor fool. You have waited for nearly a thousand years and have not regained your lover’s heart. It is more than a hundred times more pitiful than my demon evil …"
"If you are an evil spirit, you shouldn’t live in the world. It’s my own business to get rid of you if it’s heaven’s worth it to me!" Jun Yi raised his voice in a cool wave, and immediately the world was silent, but suddenly it exploded.