Why should I compete with this dog? What’s the threat?

I looked at fox Xiaomei again and continued to ask her, "Then why do you look like this?"
Fox Xiaomei thought about it again and finally said to me in a more euphemistic way, "Because this dog just said that it already knows that you want to play hooliganism on it today!" "
What the hell is this?
When I heard this, I suddenly made a speech, "What the fuck is this? I’m really a dog …"
As a result, I haven’t finished my words yet. When the dog glanced at me instantly, he ran out at a speed of 100 miles.
Holy shit!
When I saw this situation, I suddenly realized …
After a moment of silence, my heart suddenly felt absurd!
When I entered this dark glasses man’s enchantment, there was no normal place. First, the fishing old man ran out here, and then a rhubarb dog came out …
I looked over there and wrestled with two boys. I couldn’t stand it at this moment, so I quickly went over to stop them.
"Stop it, stop it …"
I pulled them off.
These two people are now totally embarassed and dragged by me forcefully, and they are all quite angry and scold each other.
I stopped them again and looked at these two people at this time.
They both stared at me, too.
I said, "What’s the fight?"
Get a black eye on the face and say, "He hit me first."
So I looked at the young man who suddenly punched others and asked him, "Why did you come and punch them when they were walking well?"
The man said, "because he stepped on my foot!" "
Step on your foot?
I immediately looked at him with empty eyes and pursed my lips. "Young man, I’m not blind, am I? Just now, you walked his way here. You two were four or five meters away. Why did he step on your foot?"
This man said, "because I know he will step on my foot when he comes over later. Since I already know, why let him step on my foot?"
I said, "Then you can’t hit people."
The young man said, "Because he stepped on my foot!"
I said "nothing"
He insisted, "He stepped on my foot when he came over."
I said, "haven’t people come yet?"
The young man finally chuckled and said, "I already know that he is going to step on my foot anyway."
The one next to him who was wronged suddenly became angry and said, "Step on your uncle!"
When he was talking, he stared angrily, suddenly eyeing another person and stamping his instep directly.
The young man immediately jumped up with his feet covered and took a breath of air conditioning. At the same time, he didn’t forget to point it out to me. "You see, I told you that he would step on my foot when he came. If you don’t believe me, I already know."
I "…"
I don’t think these things will happen if he doesn’t punch someone first.
When the two men fought again and became more intense, they couldn’t stop it.
Fox Xiaomei and Ma Xiaoling said, "This place feels so chaotic."
"Well …" Ma Xiaoling wanted to think and said, "Just now, that man always said that he knew that this man was going to step on his foot and hit others first. As a result, it became his fault that he finished it first."
Ma Xiaoling said to me again, "Because I have seen all these things, it has become upside down and the cause and effect are chaotic, which has caused this confusion."
When I heard this, I got a little taste-I probably got a little understanding of the sunglasses man who asked us to come to this place. What is that?
He wants us to see exactly these things.
But for Ma Xiaoling’s words, the ghost king snorted coldly after listening to them.
He looked at us and said, "Hum, that surname can make me change my mind because of this. It’s wishful thinking!"
We walked on again.
This when there is a middle-aged man walking in front …
At that time, I didn’t see anything different here, but just as we were about to go to a side fork, something changed suddenly!
A man in a western tie stooped out and quickly approached the middle-aged man walking in front …
When this man brushed past me just now, there seemed to be something hidden in his arms.
That is, I glanced at it just now, but I was stung by the reflection of that thing, and I didn’t see it clearly.
At this time, it’s abnormal to watch the man in western clothes walk past and move …
I immediately twisted my face and said to Ma Xiaoling, "That man just now had a knife in his arms!"
Ma Xiaoling had already taken the fork in the road this time, but she didn’t pay attention to these. When she heard me shout, she looked strange and said, "What?"
Before I could speak here, I heard an exclamation from the front, "Murder!"
Hurriedly tilted.
The place where the sound came was just where I looked. Just now, the man in the suit was holding a bloody knife in his hand. The middle-aged man who was first seen there fell to the ground without saying a word at the moment, and the passers-by around him were in a panic …
☆ Chapter 165 The incident repeats itself.
The man in the suit stabbed the middle-aged man down with a knife, and then he stayed in place for a long time and immediately recovered …
He swung the bloody knife around to run.
This is when
Xiao-ling Ma load a blink of an eye to jump over, kick a suit man’s leg bent and then instantly hold down his shoulder to stop this man.
She challenged the man to make a horse and asked, "What did you do?" Diaonv vote number
At this time, I quickly followed to see the man in the suit. "Why did you cut someone?"
The man in the suit struggled for two times and then looked up with fear. "Who are you?"
I said, "Be brave and be a good citizen."
Fox small mei also came up with a frown at this time.
She looked at the man lying on the ground, carefully avoiding blood stains. "Why do you want to hurt others?"
I asked the man in the suit, "Do you have a problem with this man?"
I pointed to the ground and died of that man. "Who else is this man lying on the ground?"