At this time, seeing Lin Jin snuggling up to another man’s building suddenly attracted a lot of attention, and all of them whispered to each other.

Sensitive Lin Jin found this situation instantly, and suddenly her head was buried deeper and bitter. She always felt that after today, maybe the whole 16-series media would flow her name.
Of course, it’s not a nice name. It’s probably something like "masculine and feminine", "perverted women’s clothes" and "pseudo-gay"
"Come on" Lin Jin finally can’t stand the eyes around her. She crustily skin of head looked up and glared at others. If it wasn’t the most important thing at this time, she would have been angry with those students around her.
True m suffers!
"Well," Haohappy also noticed the eyes of others. He accelerated his pace, but he took care of Lin Jin, which was probably changed from a leisurely walk to a walk at ordinary times, which was about three percent faster.
However, when I finally got out of the dormitory building, my wonderful eyes almost disappeared.
I finally breathed a sigh of relief. Lin Jin’s stiff body is finally a little softer.
Although she is wearing men’s clothes, if she is so close to Chen Hao, she should be recognized as a girl who likes to wear neutral clothes, right?
I didn’t meet my classmates before
"Do you want me to help you by asking me to have dinner together?" Haohappy felt that she was walking in silence and asked Lin Jin, "If there’s anything, just say it without eating together, if it’s not too difficult."
But I want you to have a good impression of me to 100 points, and then listen to me and let me finish the black cat cheating, okay?
It doesn’t have to be too difficult. Doesn’t that mean that Chen Hao doesn’t like himself to that extent now?
"Let’s talk about it in the western restaurant." Lin Jin shyly hung his head and held on to Haohappy’s arm with both hands tightly. "It’s not an important thing. It’s not urgent."
Why do you feel like your chest is rubbing against him?
With his head down, Lin Jin’s face was black and carbon-like, and he glanced at his chest and found that Haohappy’s arm was really stuck with his half chest, but now Lin Jin’s chest is not obvious, and Haohappy didn’t find it.
I always feel that my moral integrity is all gone.
Heavily sighing, Lin Jin suspects that if she goes there again, she may really be set up by a black cat to stereotype who is a "social butterfly"
I don’t want to hook up with men! ! ! Want a girl! Sister!
Chapter 79 7 Can I be your girlfriend?
When is the boss?
Lin Jin’s face was full of love, clutching Haohappy’s arm, and half of her body was pasted with Haohappy’s body. She sighed with low head.
"What’s the matter?" Chen Haoxiao is very heart-warming. Although Lin Jin wears thick clothes, he can still feel Lin Jin’s soft body. He and Lin Jin are almost stuck together, so he can smell a faint fragrance when he bows his head.
Lin Jin looked up and looked up and instantly became a Zhang Wei smiling face. After that, she looked like a little girl and moved towards Chen Haoshen by the by. "What do you want to eat? It’s my treat. "
"It’s my treat. Don’t you have no money?" Chen Hao enjoys everything at this time. Although she knows that Lin Jin is a big JJ cute girl, she is also a cute girl after all!
Since he had a three-month online dating with Lin Jin in high school, he has never been in close contact with girls. Even though he looks really good, many sisters have expressed their love to him, but he has never accepted it once, simply because he is still thinking about the online dating object in his sophomore year.
I really saw the online dating object, but I was told that it was a man, and I had no idea about Lin Jin. But today, Lin Jin seems to have lost her head and turned into a soft girl to tease him.
Although Lin Jin is really wrong, Haohappy still chooses to treat Lin Jin as a younger sister for the time being.
On the right side of the gate on the second floor of the canteen is the western restaurant store that Lin Jin said. This store should be the highest-end store in the school. Although the decoration is not luxurious, it is not far from the western restaurant outside.
Although this western restaurant is small in size, there are four tables and four seats, but there is a screen behind the four seats and a private table for two, which is what Lin Jin said.
At most, this box is blocked by a screen, but it is a place where many couples in this school like to come.
Walking into this western restaurant, Lin Jin is still cuddling up to Haohappy. Although wearing men’s clothes, those surprised eyes have almost disappeared since leaving the boys’ dormitory, leaving a group of single dog envious eyes on Haohappy.
"What would you like to eat?" Haohappy walked to the bar and looked at the beautiful member and bowed his head to the side of Lin Jin and asked.
"It would be nice to have something casually." Lin Jin looked up and got stiff all over.
Isn’t God M the former target? That senior? I think her name is Rachel Lin, right? Right? !
Rachel looked at the two men with a smile on her face, but she felt as if she had been trampled by a group of alpacas, and the whole person was in a state of madness.
That short guy looks a little girly. Isn’t that the former schoolmate who asked her for her mobile phone number? How long has it been? Why do you feel more beautiful than her? And hooked up with a man?
Haohappy felt that Lin Jin grabbed his arm and glanced at it with some trembling hands, but didn’t think too much. Lin Jin was just a little nervous and ordered a few snacks and two cokes at will, and then dragged the stiff Lin Jin to the double seat behind the screen.
"Well, what do you want to do now?" Haohappy and Lin Jin sat face to face with his hands propped up on the back of the table and looked at Lin Jin with interest.
Lin Jin’s face is always a smile when facing Chen Haoshi. At this time, it is also that coquettish bitch looking at the opposite Chen Haoshi. Although I still think about the senior in my heart, I can try my best to forget those distractions when I finish.
"Why don’t we finish eating?" Lin Jin is very nervous. She puts the table where Chen Hao can’t see, but her hands keep shaking, but she still keeps smiling for fear of being seen by Chen Hao.
"Fine." Haohappy wanted to ask Lin Jin if he was stimulated today, but when he saw that face, he couldn’t ask, for fear that Lin Jin would break his fragile heart to pieces as soon as he told the truth.
Lin Jin kept sighing in his heart, and the little girl’s appearance before him was still a foreshadowing. Now it is the drama today.
Took out a cellular phone and glanced at Chen Hao’s affection for himself now, and found that it was only 6 until now, which is probably the degree to which couples are under age.
The black cat explained that 7 degrees of affection only reached the level of a couple, while Chen Haoqian also had 7+ degrees of affection for himself, but as soon as he knew that he was a male, he immediately dropped to 5+.
Maybe there should be some means to make Chen Hao firmly recognize me as a woman?
But I have already told myself that I am a man before, and now I suddenly change my mind. People won’t believe me, will they? Even if you believe it, you will think that you have been played, but it will reduce your goodwill, right?
Lin Jin frowned in some distress. She considered whether she really wanted to tell Haohappy today.
Would that be too hasty? Although the calculation should be finished at noon every day, can you get Chen Haoyue out early?
Rachel took Haohappy’s order and put it on the table. She secretly glanced at Lin Jin, who was in distress, and then turned around and returned to the counter.
Haohappy ordered some snacks, fried chicken pieces and chicken skewers. A dozen dollars also cost fifty dollars.
Lin Jin was a little guilty and didn’t directly eat his hands and hide the table. He held each other tightly and secretly peeped at Haohappy and even dared not lift his head.
If Chen Haozhen agrees to my confession, isn’t that cheating people’s feelings? It’s better to cheat people’s feelings. As a result, it doesn’t seem to be very cost-effective to have an annoying suitor.
But think about punishing Lin Jin and immediately strengthen cheat people’s determination
"Why don’t you eat?" Haohappy is still confused about what Lin Jin wants to do when he asks him out. He looks at Lin Jin’s delicate face, although he knows that Lin Jin is a man, but that face is too much like a girl even with short hair.