The goddess of snow and ice gave a bad smile. "I refuse!"

God bless a man who almost fell down with a gun. "Can the temple help me?"
God bless you with a stupid face. What kind of routine is this?
The goddess of ice and snow smiled bitterly, "Let Hestia come and I will guide you personally! This is my condition! "
God bless "this … can you change it?"
Snow Goddess "No!"
God bless asked awkwardly, "Then I’ll go back and ask!"
Snow Goddess "I am optimistic about you! Give me that little girl! "
God bless the temple, isn’t it? At least Hestia is my exclusive goddess! "
"Go quickly!"
God bless "all right! I’ll go back and try. "
God bless me when I got home and told Hestia about it.
As a result, Hestia directly changed his face. "I’m not going! Resolutely don’t! "
God bless "all right! I feel that the Snow Goddess Temple is very good! "
Hestia shook her head. "You saw the surface! That guy is terrible. It’s especially good to hide himself at ordinary times! Her part-time job is just a … I always don’t go! Can’t you find someone else? "
God bless a stand hand "at present, she is the most suitable, and I can’t help it. I’ll do something!" "
Hestia, "Are you really going?"
"Well" God bless nodded.
Hestia was silent for a while. "In this case, I’ll consider one!"
Hestia’s face suddenly blushed with honey and then she gritted her teeth and stamped her feet. "This is also a fight for her own family! Hum! Why do you want her blessing? This is finished! "
What is "God Bless"? What are you going to do? "
Hestia "none of your business! Let’s go together! "
"Hestia’s adult will you be in danger? Otherwise you’d better not go! How do I feel? "
"It’s okay are acquaintances! No big deal! There will be no danger! "
"Oh, what are you afraid of? Lord Hestia, "God bless, is very curious about Hestia’s fear of going to see the goddess of snow and ice.
"repetitive! That’s settled. Don’t ask! "
God bless looking at the honey blushing Hestia’s own brain. "Does the ice goddess have a tendency to lily?" I’m good! So exciting! "
Hestia saw God’s mind wandering. "Are you thinking something wonderful?"
God bless quickly shook his head "no I deny it! My thoughts are so pure! "
Winnie and Chen Yanyan came to the side "bah! Are you pure? Don’t defile these two words! "
God bless serious way "you two owe to pick up? So don’t give yourself a man’s face! Pick you up at night! "
Hestia "Oh! Late … Gee! What a pervert! "
Winnie "is it late? Come on, who’s afraid of who! Hey! "
Chen Yanyan "Hestia’s adult, he is a big pervert! You should be careful! "
God bless "…"
The next day, Tianyou and Hestia came to the Palace of the Snow Goddess. "Why is there still no one!"
"Hestia’s adult? What’s the matter with you? Are you afraid? " God bless looking at the door of the temple and afraid to go Hestia.
"Who’s afraid? Hum, I’m a troublemaker! Where have we been! " Hestia suddenly lined his chest and said
"Hip-hop" God bless pushing the door "I brought Lord Hestia to the temple!"
"Oh, sure enough, I knew you would come! After all, it’s your first family! You will definitely come! Come on, sweet little Hestia! Come to me! "
The goddess of ice and snow laughs especially lewd and lascivious. God bless her. "Is this still the goddess of ice and snow who is usually cold?" How do I feel like a wretched uncle! "
Hestia went to the goddess of ice and snow, and the goddess of ice and snow dragged Hestia into her arms and lifted Hestia with one hand. "I haven’t seen you for a long time. You are always avoiding me. This time I will see where you are going!"
Hestia said shyly, "Don’t be so Islamic! You fucking pervert! "
The goddess of ice and snow, Islam Danivriya, "Hehe, shy of my little Hestia!"
Then he kissed Hestia directly, and Hestia was going to break free, but she wouldn’t struggle for a while
After catering to the ice goddess Dani Fuerya, God bless has been stupefied and opened his mouth to see such a picture.
"Emperor what is this couple! This is in line with my guess! And there was, but no! Lily is limited! The picture is too beautiful to watch. "Even God bless this old driver, he is a little tired.
God bless quickly cough a.
"Ah?" Hestia quickly jumped out of the arms of the goddess of ice and snow, and then ran to embrace God bless. "I can’t get married when I’m finished … whoops."
God bless Hestia, patting her arms. "It’s okay, it’s okay. Adult Hestia can’t have a lily if it’s limited, but I support you!"
Hestia beat God bless her chest with her little fist. "Lily, you big head ghost! I’m not a lily! Dani is! I was forced! God help me! "
God bless, "my Lord, I think you were quite happy just now! Say what to save you? I feel good! "
Hestia "Whoops, you big head ghost! You baiwenhang! Whoops, you don’t help me! "
God bless "…"
Snow Goddess "All right, Hestia! Even your dependents are on my side, so just accept your fate! To study when we get married. What kind of wedding do you want? "
God bless "I gather together you this rhythm is a bit fast! What do I have to give you when you get married? "
Snow goddess "just send a baby!" If we can’t be born, lend me a seed! "
Chapter two hundred and thirty-nine
God bless has been trained by the ice goddess. Oh, no, it’s training
"Ah ah! It’s so cold I haven’t felt cold for a long time! "God bless the goddess of ice and snow, I can’t breathe. Every time I breathe, it hurts.
"Well! I don’t have much strength! "
"Well, if you try, I guess it’s over!"