Beat wild men

Zhongdan tsar
AD Xia
Auxiliary Luo
Blue DR team
Single knife girl
Wild blind monk
Zhongdan card
AD Levin
Auxiliary hammer stone
【 Positive detection array fetters 】
【 Eternal Sen (5) Monkey Horse, Tsar, Xia, Luo 】
[When the fetter effect group is in wartime, the personal ability will be increased by 5% every five seconds, and it can be superimposed up to five times]
【 Holy Shield Ambassador (3) Tsar, Xia, Luo 】
[The fetter effect group’s wartime holy shield increases its own and nearby 500-yard friendly forces by 15%, and the reaction speed can be superimposed by up to 5%]
[Guardian of the Light (2) Monkey, Sagittarius]
[The fetter effect increases the team’s personal ability by 1%, and Yu Shengguang’s personal ability increases by 5% for every guardian of the Holy Light killed in wartime]
[Heavy Soldiers (2) Monkeys and Horses]
[The fetter effect reduces the walking ability of the opposite side by 1% when reloading soldiers attack opponents]
【 lean (1) czar 】
[The fetter effect group will increase the personal ability of each friendly army by 5% and the maximum personal ability will be 1%. The effect will disappear after the friendly army department is killed]
[Y is equipped with forest transfer, holy light transfer and death blade]
[yan is equipped with holy light, frost heart and giant killer]
[Equipped with forest transfer, pearlescent armguard and magic cut]
[IGJakeyLve is equipped with night job transfer, battle college job transfer and ghost rope violent blade]
[IGBalan is equipped with Kike Pioneer, Kike Pioneer and Kike Pioneer]
Chapter four hundred and nineteen Mr Dai take off.
IG players also want to teach DR a lesson after entering Summoner’s Canyon, even when a nice guy like Rkie is looked down upon, he will be angry.
After a long wait, the IG players have become a little tired, but DR arrogant IG everyone’s passion has been ignited again.
There was no first-level group in the normal game between the two sides. It is the most common way for horses to brush the wild by choosing blue and then brushing it to the half-zone speed four.
The blind monk brushed the wild route but didn’t follow the troops to the half area. After playing the blue BUFF, Pysik’s thinking has come to the road.
The blind monk first finished the stone man and waited until the line rose to the second level before he chose GankDR Road. He deliberately bought a flaw and did not combine with Xialuo to grab the second level, but slowly released the soldier line.
This also gives the blind monk a good chance to Gank. Ashui knows that playing Dravidian can no longer make the line. If a Dravidian is kept under pressure, he will never be able to develop.
Therefore, from the first level of Ashui, the high-intensity alignment pressure has been maintained. Xia’s single-person early-stage combat effectiveness can definitely not beat Dreven, but Xia Luo’s combined combat effectiveness is still guaranteed.
A soldier who wants to press the line and a soldier who is willing to pay off the line naturally came to the DR defense tower. The blind monk suddenly came out of the river and was just not seen by IG.
Although DRBP’s attitude is very arrogant, it can be seen from the blind monks’ movement around the field of vision that they are very clear about the eye position arrangement of the IG first-class group and know that the sapphire blue field of vision will be placed in the river to prevent the wild area from being invaded.
Ah Shui’s vision was on the right line, and he was caught off guard by the blind monk who came out of the river in the grass.
Pysik dared to grab the blind monk. He did have two brushes. His Q skill hit Xia very accurately, and then the second Q and Pu attacked A Shui Shen Li Hong BUFF slowed down and stuck Xia.
Keria’s hammer stone is also very decisive. The blind monk flashed in front of Ah Shui in an instant, and reversed a pendulum to pull Ah Shui back a distance.
Ah Shui was forced to hand over the flash, but the straight flash was successfully predicted by the hammer stone. The Q skill hook aimed at the position after Ah Shui flashed.
"Q again! It’s dangerous for Ah Shui to eat two Q’s. The hammer stone has been hung and ignited by Dr. This has already killed the heart! "
"Def flashes and outputs one axe and two axes! Ah Shui’s blood volume keeps falling, and the blind monk E Flash Ah Shui was directly disabled. "
The doll and Miller at the commentary desk are a little stupid, forcing them to come and waiting for DR to teach him a lesson in the IG competition. I didn’t expect DR to strike first and the offensive was so fierce
Three flashes in a row is to take Ah Shui’s head, whether it’s the hammer stone to predict the flash hook, the output before Draven’s decisive flash, or the blind monk E’s determination to make up for the damage.
It all indicates that DR is prepared. They dare to choose this array, which is not arrogance. They definitely prepared a lot of things before the game.
Baolan is a little scared at this time. He will flash and hurt Draven, but he will do nothing to help Ah Shui face the situation.
Seeing that Ah Shui will soon be killed by Sapphire, it’s better to run for your life. Los flashes and pulls the distance. Because DR’s skills are all caught in the CD.
Dreven didn’t get the head, but he chased and cut two axes to get rid of the gas, but he could watch Luo half-blood run back to the tower.
Xiayi blood was robbed by the blind monk with Pysik, and the blind monk quickly played a role, helping DR find the rhythm from three minutes of the game.
"It’s good news for IG that a good man’s head is not Draven’s blood being taken by a blind monk."
"Even if Draven gets it, it’s okay to play. He hasn’t had much passivity yet. He won’t give a chance to follow up. Snowballs are not so easy to roll up."
Miller and doll can choose to comfort a live audience after watching the offensive rhythm of DR sharp road. Because they have good expectations for IG, they can’t watch IG fall into a passive scene.
On the contrary, IG players didn’t have much emotional fluctuation, and even heshy teased Ah Shui, "Yo, Jack was arrested again."
Heshy was a little pleased to see Ah Shui being targeted at the solid because he knew very well that if DR chose to target the road in this game, he would be able to play well.
Therefore, after seeing Ah Shui being arrested, heshy directly exchanged blood with Dao Mei. It is reasonable to say that it is not very easy to fight Dao Mei in the early stage of the monkey.
Dao Mei, the hero of the line, sent the nickname Nvya to ask for a small soldier to stack the passive Dao Mei fighting capacity, which made people unable to understand.
However, Dran Dao Mei did not dare to compete with heshy. Although his personal strength is not very strong, he has been disciplined for two years.
When his own team is fighting wild, he will resolutely not exchange blood with his opponent, otherwise it will be tantamount to sending his head. Therefore, in the face of a brain-changing monkey, Dao Mei can act as someone behind heshy and resolutely retreat to the distance to watch.
Dao Mei’s attitude of not fighting back makes heshy feel very comfortable, or LCK is easy to fight, but LPL is not easy to do this year.