After being thrown by Brother Qian Yuexian Zongjin Dan, the little demon leopard left Xu Ren and Shen Tengyun directly.

"You are the younger brother who came to Xu Ren from the north. I’ve heard about your distribution in Suzaku Chengtou before. I really admire you."
Xu Ren was greeted by a simple and honest friar, who seemed to be about twenty-one or twenty-two years old, but the other side had already stepped into the abode of fairies and immortals. He was a serious monk at the beginning of the abode of fairies and immortals. Judging from his breath, this man should have seven innate spiritual places when he was in the first place, and now he has stepped into the realm of fairies and immortals and condensed out seven magnificent fairies and immortals.
This result is very surprising to Xu Ren, because his elder brother in the north is already very good, but he didn’t enter the abode of fairies and immortals until he was over 30. Now this one has entered the abode of fairies and immortals at the age of 2012, even though he is not small, he is a good genius, but now he can stay outside the door, and he has to sigh that the territory of North Xuanzhou is really rich.
"It’s Xu Ren who has met my brother. I don’t know what my brother is called?"
Xu Ren was still very polite to the man because he didn’t feel pride and hostility from the other side.
It is understandable that there is no hostility, but in the face of Xu Ren, a bumpkin from the north, there is no arrogance. That is to say, this person is really easy-going and Xu Ren is willing to give him enough respect
"Teacher younger brother, you’re welcome. My name is Lin Zhengxin, and I’m Kunwu’s younger brother."
That simple and honest monk smiled at Xu Ren and revealed his identity.
"Does my brother’s coming to pick me up mean that I am also in Kunwu Hospital?"
Xu Ren is still very polite, which is also Xu Ren’s experience. Seeing many people, smiling faces, and speaking with humility and popularity will never be too bad, especially in front of unfamiliar people and senior experts, which can save yourself a lot of trouble.
It’s not that Xu Ren is timid and doesn’t want to make trouble.
"Teacher younger brother’s guess is good. Xianzong has made arrangements to assign you to our Kunwu Academy."
Lin Zhengxin didn’t hide this fact, and there is nothing to hide.
"Brother, I don’t know what’s in the outer door. What should I pay attention to when I enter Kunwu Hospital?"
Xu Ren is still very cautious when he comes out of the Qianyue Xianzong Outer Gate. He must first find out what the Qianyue Xianzong Outer Gate of Kunwu Courtyard is doing. What other branches are there besides Kunwu Courtyard?
"Brother, don’t worry. We’ll talk as we walk."
In the face of Xu Ren’s inquiry, Lin Zhengxin didn’t have the slightest impatience, but he also woke up Xu Ren and didn’t have to worry.
"Listen to the elder brother"
Xu Ren didn’t say anything more. Since the other party has promised to say it, he can say it and probably will tell it to him.
"In fact, there are six hospitals in the outer gate of Qianxuanxianzong, namely Longfei Hospital, Fengling Hospital, Tianqi Hospital, Linfeng Hospital, Pengyu Hospital and our Kunwu Hospital. To tell the truth, our Kunwu Hospital is the last one in the six hospitals. We mainly help Xianzong to plant spiritual plants."
Lin Zhengxin introduced Xu Ren very patiently.
"In this way, the Sixth Hospital of Qianyue Xianzong should have different division of labor. Our Kunwu Hospital is responsible for planting and cultivating spiritual plants, so what are the five hospitals responsible for?"
Xu Ren probably knows how this so-called Qianyuexianzong outer door is. That root is that Qianxuanxianzong logistics should be located in Kunwu Hospital, which is responsible for planting spiritual plants. Then his five hospitals must also have their own division of labor
"Longfei Institute is responsible for vein mining such as Lingshi and spar; Fenglingyuan is responsible for buying and selling refining materials; Qi Tianyuan is responsible for the trading of Shandan medicine; Linfengyuan is responsible for the trading of mountain spirits and implements; Pengyuyuan is responsible for escorting all kinds of materials. "
Lin Zhengxin introduced the duties of the Sixth Hospital of Qianyue Xianzong in Xu Ren one by one.
"According to this assignment, we Kun Wu Yuan’s errand should still be good. Shouldn’t there be many benefits in cultivating spiritual plants to refine Dan medicine? Or at the end of the Sixth Hospital? "
After listening to Lin Zhengxin’s talk, Xu Ren was very curious. It is reasonable to say that planting and cultivating spiritual plants should have many advantages. Naturally, the alchemy materials were obtained first, and with the alchemy materials, the monks in Kunwu Hospital should be promoted faster than his several hospitals. However, Lin Zhengxin said that Kunwu Hospital was arranged at the end of the sixth hospital, which naturally made Xu Ren feel that the law understood.
"What teacher younger brother said is a theoretical matter, but actually cultivating spiritual plants is the most difficult task. Because the growth conditions of each spiritual plant are very strict, we have to create different environments according to different spiritual plant growth conditions, which involves too much energy, and the demand for spiritual plants by Xianzong is also great, which gives us great importance. When we practice, our monks in Kunwu Academy are not as good as those in the Fifth Academy."
Although I feel a little wronged, Lin Zhengxin doesn’t seem to have much resentment, as if everything is taken for granted.
"That’s true. Isn’t it a chore for him to go to several hospitals? For example, Pengyu Institute is responsible for escorting and transporting all kinds of materials, and it is necessary to prevent someone from robbing materials. "
Xu Ren cited an example because he felt that Peng Yu’s errand was the most bitter and dangerous.
"Teacher younger brother, I don’t know. Fairy Sect also knows that the danger of Peng Yu’s errand gives them many benefits. Therefore, the overall strength of Peng Yu’s courtyard, the second strongest courtyard of Dragonfly Courtyard, besides, how many people in North Xuanzhou dare to rob thousands of fairy Sect materials?"
Lin Zhengxin should have stayed at the Qianyue Xianzong Gate for a long time, so he knows all the matters of the Qianyue Xianzong Gate.
"It makes sense to say so, but I still don’t quite understand why the Dragonfly Academy deals with veins every day, don’t it? How come their strength has become the strongest in the Sixth Academy? "
In Xu Ren’s eyes, the dragonfly courtyard is the most bitter and tiring for the miners, but when it comes to Lin Zhengxin’s mouth, the dragonfly courtyard has become the head of the sixth courtyard outside the Qianyue Xianzong Gate.
"Teacher younger brother, it’s normal for you to think what you just came here. Dragonfly Academy mainly manages veins but doesn’t dig mines. Moreover, there are still many gains in the vein excavation process. Moreover, if Xianzong wants to fix mineral deposits every day, they will have the cultivation information. Of course, the number of Xianzong’s donations is also very large. It’s not easy to reach that figure, but it’s always much better than cultivating spiritual plants. At least those veins will not be there like spiritual plants."
It’s not that Lin Zhengxin complains that it’s really very difficult to actually cultivate Lingzhi, because Lingzhi has life, and it really takes a lot of effort to make Lingzhi grow healthily.
"I understand this. It seems that it is not a simple matter to take care of Lingzhi."
He Xu Ren didn’t ask or ask Fengling Institute for purchasing refining materials. How much water in that thing should be squeezed is enough for them. jiaqi Tianyuan Institute is responsible for trading Dan medicine, and our wind institute is responsible for horoscope and multiplier. These are all how profitable the business of Donghua Chamber of Commerce in Xu Ren is. Xu Ren knows it himself.
"Of course, it’s not a simple matter, but you’re not worried, teacher younger brother. Our brothers in Kunwu Academy are all in harmony, so everyone will help you."
Lin Zhengxin patted Xu Ren on the shoulder. Actually, what he said to Xu Ren was to give Xu Ren a shot in advance to make Xu Ren not take it lightly. It was not so easy. Of course, he was also afraid that the shot was overdone and Xu Ren was afraid.
"Then I’m relieved that with the help of other disciples, I think my performance should be able to barely qualify."
Xu Ren didn’t say much, but he already had an idea in his heart.
He really knows a lot about cultivating spiritual plants, and those are also the memories left by the immortal in his mind.
It seems that there is a very important person around Xian Zun, and he is very good at cultivating spiritual plants. He cultivated all spiritual plants by himself.
When I was in the northern territory, Xu Ren also thought about cultivating spiritual plants by himself, but the aura in the northern territory was too barren. Many spiritual plants grew by law. If you want to have enough spiritual power to cultivate spiritual plants in Xu Ren, you have to pay a lot of money but create an environment. So he put this matter on hold. I didn’t expect to come to the outer door of Qianyue Xianzong and have a chance. Then he must make good use of it. Maybe he can cultivate a powerful spiritual wisdom to help him forge a stronger Dan medicine.
"Teacher younger brother doesn’t force himself to make some mistakes at the beginning, and it’s also difficult for other disciples in Kunwu Academy to excuse me."
Lin Zhengxin saw that Xu Ren didn’t flinch and was completely relieved. After all, there are many younger brothers in Kunwu Hospital who can’t stand the torture of these spiritual plants and directly quit or switch to another hospital.
Xu Ren also didn’t say much because they have come to Kunwu Institute.
"Come on in. This is where our brother Kun Wu lives."
Lin Zhengxin brought Xu Ren to a courtyard. Although there are many rooms in the courtyard, the brothers are still one person and one residence. From this point of view, it is not bad for Qianyue Xianzong to treat the brothers outside.
"This is your room with him, but you have to clean it yourself."
Lin Zhengxin brought Xu Ren a big room, which was clean, but because there were no people living for a long time, the dust on the tables, chairs and beds was heavy.
"These are small things. When can senior brother take me to the place where spiritual plants are cultivated? I also want to get familiar with the environment here as soon as possible to avoid dragging our feet."
Xu Ren has nothing to say about this room. It is enough to get rid of filth. He is more concerned about cultivating spiritual plants