It is conceivable that the rabbit’s base sprouting power on Meng Chen’s shoulder has reached a certain level at this moment.

Meng Chen’s words have broken the sky and sprouted the universe.
All this is because Meng Chen gave the rabbit the appearance of two creatures, panda and koala, before the rabbit swallowed the fruit of Yan beast.
That’s why this strange-looking, nondescript, but base cute rabbit appears.
At the moment, the rabbit has a pair of round green eyes, and the long rabbit ears have shrunk to half the size of a palm. The whole rabbit head has white hair except that the eyes and ears are black hair.
The most amazing thing is that the rabbit directly went from landing on all fours to landing on both feet
Fully combine that advantages of the two kind of creatures.
This kind of selling is lethal to female creatures, including Muya, a girl named Purple Moon Fire Rabbit, a female rabbit, off the charts.
This can be seen from the performance of Ziyuehuo Rabbit and Muya after the rabbit appeared.
Now that I think of it, Meng Chen suspects that the former rabbit once asked him "What are your suggestions about taxiing?" This sentence is a huge conspiracy …
Reminiscent of the double cultivation method of "Wild Tactics of Yin and Yang" …
Meng Chen has regretted his decision.
"If I had known this, I might as well have swallowed the fruit of Yan beast directly."
Meng Chen ignored the rabbit and turned around and walked towards Lingquan.
The piles of blood and crystal outside the spiritual spring in Zhen Yuan’s injection into Na Jie have all disappeared into Meng Chen’s Na Jie.
In a flash, Meng Chen felt that he had suddenly changed from a penniless man to the richest man.
So much blood spirit crystal even put an ancient clan is by no means easy to take out.
At the moment, ten square meters of the ring in front of the array operator building are occupied by a hill full of blood crystal except a silver badge symbolizing the core members of the array operator building.
Moment Meng Chen heart depressed swept away.
At this time, there was a loud noise like a heavy object falling to the ground.
"ah! Don’t kill me, I can show you the way! "
Far away Meng Chen heard the sound of Lu Fei.
"This cerebellum is very bright."
Meng Chen glanced at the ground as well as a spewing fountain.
"We’re in trouble."
Turned Meng Chen eyes looking at the outside tone calmly said
Chapter 123 Lingbao Level Long Dao 【 Seeking Collection 】
The ground suddenly shook and Li Kuang and others appeared outside.
"Old … big you … ahem … not dead!"
Liu Fei kuangdao mercenary team led the way in front and saw Li Mengchen at first sight.
At the moment, Lu Fei is more seriously injured than before.
Black and blue, even if Meng Chen saw Lu Fei’s chest with a deep fist print, he had no chest and abdomen!
If you go one inch further, Liu Fei will die!
Coupled with the erosion of Tianyuan poisonous fog, Lu Fei has completely lost his combat capability from the smell.
The weakest strength of the field is to refine the body environment and nine times Liu Fei.
It is his limit to be able to persist until now.
On the other hand, Li Kuang and others behind Liu Fei are still at their peak except for a few players who have just broken through the gas environment.
From Li Kuang’s hand holding the fine iron chain, we can see that they are prepared this time. It is not a big problem for them to be thousands of meters high with the fine iron chain.
What makes Meng Chen come first is to explore the way first.
Yu Mengchen’s death is not crazy about Li.
Because Li Kuang and others seem to have pronounced their death from the bottom of their hearts when Meng Chen and Liu Fei heard Mu Qing say the word "blood crystal"
On Meng Chen and Lu Fei can’t get out of here.
At the very least, Li Kuang and Axe Yong think so.
"Sure enough not dead? But you all have to stay today! "
Li crazy face cold looked Meng Chen.
"Blood spirit crystal is your hand, can you really cheat? Not too underestimate us! "
Axe Yong scoffs and pulls out two giant axes from behind.
Mountain axe! This is his weapon of fame.
I once asked a third-order refiner to forge a pair of second-order magic soldiers at great cost.
Li Kuang and others have long been aware of the abnormality, and they have already felt a dense aura before they set foot on this piece. Now, after entering this piece, those thick aura disappear.
It’s like being suddenly drained!
There is an explanation for this phenomenon. No matter where the thick aura comes from, it is inseparable from Meng Chen.
Natural KuangDao mercenary group also saw Lingquan.
Although Lingquan is small, it is enough for them to break through the realm again, and Meng Chen can’t get their hands on it again.
"Mu Qing, you promise me!"
At this time, in the face of threats from Li Kuang and others, Meng Chen directly looked at the youth beside Liu Fei.
In the face of Meng Chen’s icy eyes, Mu Qing’s eyes flashed for a moment, and then she finally looked at Meng Chen’s side and became firm.
"If my friend has any damage, I hope you don’t regret this decision! 」
Mu Qing knew from the beginning that the sentence was not for Meng Chen to tell Li Kuang and them, but for himself.
It was he who asked Meng Chen for help first, and the meaning of Meng Chen’s words was already very obvious
Lu Fei’s life is exchanged for Mu Ya’s life!
But now Muya is unscathed, but Lu Fei is seriously injured. If he is treated and recovered from time to time, his life may be in danger.
This is an unacceptable result for Meng Chen!
Meng Chen, this sentence is a wake-up call, and it is also a threat!
At this time, besides Mu Qing, there are Mu Ya and Meng Chen who know this secret.