Several children are in a circle and singing the song "A sheep in the north and a phoenix in the south meet at the fork in the road, and the sheep want to catch the phoenix"

The children’s voices were ringing into Yang You’s ears. He suddenly slowed down and cocked up his ears. Dugu Qianshan also slowed down. He listened and became angry. "I’ll go and catch them."
Yang You laughed. "What can you ask if you catch them?" He pricked up his ears again and frowned after listening to half a ring.
This children’s song is extremely long, with more than 20 sentences and more than 100 words. It seems to be complicated, but it is very simple to sum it up. Either it is innuendo that Yang You robbed the concubine of the commoner, and Yang You couldn’t help laughing when he looked at these children jumping and jumping.
Yesterday, he fought a battle, and today he has this children’s song, and his response is fast enough. He thought about it and asked people around. Suddenly, he felt that this song was flowing in Chengdu in just one day.
Yang You hurried back to the palace and Huang Yun came to tell him that "the temple is not strange today."
"no?" Yang You leng so this children’s song is not to start out? "Did you secretly ask someone if that song in the street was from someone?"
Huang Yun replied to the back.
Yang You thought for a moment, but he still felt that this children’s song must have come from Yan Ran, although he didn’t know how to pass the news out at present.
At this time, a few words were also flowing in Chang’ an. It was also a group of children with horns and braids who sang and danced "Mu Li Jia Tian Qin Di Xing as king!" At this time, Li Jiancheng was driving to the palace in a carriage. When he heard these words, he couldn’t help but stop the groom.
He said, "Ask them what they sing?"
Several guards brought the news back soon before. Li Jiancheng heard it and frowned. This sentence vaguely has a special meaning, but he couldn’t think of where there was a problem at the moment.
He thought for a moment and told the groom to continue on his way towards the Tang Palace.
After a wick of incense, the carriage Li Yuanfu stopped in Li Jiancheng and left. The carriage saw a teenager, and the appearance of this teenager surprised Li Jiancheng slightly. He knew that this boy named Yin Yuyi was a follower of Shimin, which means Shimin is here.
At this moment, he saw a carriage stop at the door, Chai Shao and Li Xiuning came out, Li Jiancheng greeted each other, and three people stepped into the Tang Palace to talk. Li Jiancheng realized that this was a small meeting, and Li’s brother and some etiquette were invited.
At this time, Yin Yuyi squinted at Yangmei at the gate. He found that the girl was getting more and more beautiful, and her body was no longer so thin and graceful.
Yangmei also looked at him and saw him looking at himself. He snorted discontentedly and walked aside.
Tang Wangfu’s room, Tang gaozu, seemed to be in a complicated mood. He was holding a small booklet, which was handed to him by Qin Gong. According to him, he raided an intelligence point of the Sui army yesterday and found a small booklet from the inside, that is, Tang gaozu was holding this one in his hand.
Looking at this booklet, Tang gaozu’s heart suddenly became cool and cool. This list shows that many people secretly took refuge in Da Sui, most of them were some layer officials, and a few of them were layer officials. There were even several people who followed Tang gaozu’s uprising from Taiyuan.
Qin Gong Li Shimin looked worried. He whispered, "Dad, I think there may be something wrong with this list, but there must be some people who commit adultery."
Tang gaozu sighed heavily. Can he not understand this truth? But when I think of Li Jing’s betrayal of Tang gaozu, I feel that outsiders can’t believe it. At this time, Li Jiancheng and Li Xiuning came in and three people gave a gift "Dad (Yuezhang)!"
Tang gaozu nodded heavily and said, "Don’t bother to sit!"
The three men sat in Tang gaozu and handed the pamphlet to Li Jiancheng Li Jiancheng. They frowned and asked, "Shimin, what the hell is going on?"
Li Shimin naturally won’t tell the identity of Yin Yuyi. He means that he was discovered by his hand and then he led troops to raid Shangri-La and obtained this evidence. Li Jiancheng expressed doubts about this. He knew that Li Shimin wouldn’t tell lies, but the problem with such an important thing was that the detective would pay attention to the fact that once the collection failed, he would be destroyed at any time and easily fall into Li Shimin’s hands?
Li Jiancheng didn’t show his doubts in his heart. He asked, "Shimin, you have made great contributions this time!"
Li Shimin looked at Li Yuan with a smile on his face and said, "Dad, after this incident, the child has an idea!"
Tang gaozu looked at him and encouraged him to "say it!"
When Li Shimin saw Tang gaozu, he was sure that he was a little excited. "Dad Sui Jun’s scheming depends on the details. They can grasp the opponent’s information when they can, which makes us fail the other day."
"I believe that if I want to compete for hegemony, I must have a special department to receive information from the enemy."
As soon as Li Shimin said this, Tang gaozu and Li Jiancheng both smiled. Li Shimin looked at them puzzled. At this moment, Li Jiancheng explained, "They are all belonging to the family, so I said that I had organized a department called tang style with Chang ‘an’s stepfather. He was just spying on the enemy."
Li Jiancheng explained that the original excitement in Li Shimin’s eyes dimmed, and he looked at Li Xiuning with some anger in his heart. Li Shimin was white, and this time he was the last one to get the news.
Half an hour later, things came to a general conclusion. Li Yuan finally decided to monitor the list of 100 officials. After Li Shimin, Li Xiuning and others dispersed, Li Yuan looked at Li Jiancheng and said, "According to the news, Hanzhong Bashu is under construction. You have to find a way to get Li Xiaogong to incite Bashu people to make trouble for Yang You!"
Li Jiancheng arched his hand and said, "It’s dad!"
Chengdu Yan ran was shaking scissors in the main room. She was repairing the potted plant and came up with this method because it seemed that a canary had no freedom in the palace. The purpose was to help the people to save her.
At this time, the footsteps sounded, and Yang You appeared in front of her. She looked at Yang You and didn’t talk. Yang You looked at her and suddenly smiled and waved his hand to others to go out.
The strong maid looked at Yan ran and shook her head. The maid went out. Yang You didn’t speak. He reached into his arms and took out a piece of Yu Pei. She looked very surprised. She said how to find Yu Pei. It turned out to be his hand, which means that Yang You knows her identity.
The thought that she sent someone to sing children’s songs to denigrate Yang You’s smiling face turned white. She felt that Yang You knew her identity, but at this time it was 100% sure.
"What are you going to do?" Yan ran asked
Yang You didn’t answer. He slowly took out a piece of Yu Pei and put two pieces of Yu Pei together.
"How can you have it?" To start a scream.
"Did you finally know something?" Yang You smiled. He put Yu Pei in his arms and looked at Yan ran. "I knew your identity since I first saw you."
Yan ran squirmed her bright red lips and said, "What about you?"
"Why don’t you reveal that you killed you?" Yang You stared at her closely, and this powerful pressure could not help but nod her head. At this time, her heart was already messed up.
At this time, Yang You smiled. He held out his hand and squeezed Yan Ran’s cheek. He kissed Yan Ran deeply and wanted to struggle. But at the beginning, Dou Honglian couldn’t escape Yan Ran, and there was no way. Yang You kissed her deeply and tasted the girl’s unique fragrance.
After half a ring, he finally got a little breathless. He stopped and looked at him angrily. "What’s the difference between you and Wang Jun?"
Yang You shook his head and said, "Solitude is different from solitude. You can have many opportunities to enjoy yourself, but solitude didn’t do that, and even if you marry you, you won’t be the first wife!"
Grinning her teeth, she said, "Do you think I would like to be small?"
"That’s up to you?" Yang You wiped her mouth and tongue as if there were still fragrance.
"I tell you that you don’t want to be alone now, but one day you will, but at that time it depends on loneliness!"
"What do you mean?" Yan ran asked
"Soon you will understand! And I told you not to play Xiaocong Chengdu, you have no chance! " Yang You laughed and turned and walked out.
Yan ran to see Yang You leave back a burst of’ re in the heart is this time really can’t escape?
After several days of preparation, Xue Ju has already prepared food and grass. He left the Jin king Xue Renyue Chang Zhongxing and other generals to guard Tianshui, the capital of the country. He took 150,000 troops across Longshan and went straight to Huating County, Huating County, to see that West Qin Jun was surrendering in a big way.
Immediately after Xue Ju took Huating, he was divided into two roads and one route. Tai Xue Renguo led the army to capture the shady side and pull the valley along the Pingliang County border, and he personally led a handsome army to attack the security of Anding County. When he got the news, he quickly sent people to Chang’ an to get reinforcements, and at the same time he mobilized civilian workers to help defend the city.
Due to the poor reputation of the Western Qin army, the people were very resistant to Xue Ju’s invasion. At this time, they saw that West Qin Jun had attacked again and would not take the old road of Fufeng County. The people enthusiastically signed up to help the soldiers carry the wood and stone.
The satrap even blocked all the gates with sacks. Even if the west Qin Jun drove the people to attack the city, the scene of Fufeng County being breached due to the closure of the gate would hardly appear. The satrap was complacent about this, but he did not expect to kill the west Qin Jun two days later and just arrived to attack the city without rest.
Xue Ju of West Qin Jun commanded heroic battles to attack the head of Anding City several times. If it weren’t for Tang Junsheng’s fear of being desperately counterattacked by the massacre, I’m afraid Xue Ju would take it at dusk. At this time, the most hopeful thing for the satrap of Anding is that reinforcements in Chang ‘an City will come as soon as possible.
Chapter 167 Wedding []
In the morning, a touch of golden light from Chu Yang’s eaves came into the house through the window paper. Yang You wore a crown, a dahongpao waist and a rhinoceros leather belt, and a pair of deer boots, dressed up quite festive.
Today is his wedding day. After dressing neatly, he will take Hou Jun, Du Ruhui and others to greet Yang You, look at his satisfaction in the bronze mirror, nod his head, and Du Ruhui comes and says, "The temple can go!"
"Go!" Yang You waved out of the room.
Outside, ladies-in-waiting with red happy characters prepared a lot of bamboo as firecrackers. Bamboo filled a room. Yang You went out with laurel, Du Ruhui and others. Xiao Yu had been waiting outside to see Yang You coming out and immediately waved out a carriage.