"I will …" Xiao Qi is going to touch Enron’s buckled tentacles, but it is blue morning warm hands.

Xiaoqi retracted her hand as if she had been scalded. Blue Morning is breathing very close to him now, and it is full of refreshing fragrance of blue morning aftershave.
Lanchen looked as usual to help Xiaoqi fasten her safety belt. This just started the car and the sports car rushed out like a left arrow.
When the car was driving, neither of them said a word, listening to the music quietly, and the gas became more and more solidified, making people breathless.
Suddenly I thought of what Xiaoqi said, "By the way, how is your Hengfeng company now?" He can remember that Lanchen Company was badly hurt by him.
Lan Chen turned to look at Xiao Qi and whispered, "Are you caring for me?"
Xiaoqi scoffed. Who cares? Has he ever closed down?
Lanchen turned a rearview mirror to point the angle at Xiaoqi’s face. Xiaoqi also glared at Lanchen’s move.
Blue morning chuckle car atmosphere also increases with the temperature.
"Hengfeng is okay, and the stock market is also picking up. It’s lost a few pieces of easy land." Lan Chen replied airily that just one Hengfeng was nothing in his eyes, but he was surprised that Xiaoqi could make his hand Hengfeng suffer heavy losses. Ye Xiaoqi was the first person.
Xiao Qi took a look at Lan Chen. Although it is a profile, Lan Chen’s facial features, including the face, are really beautiful. The facial features are not as hard as Wei Zhi’s. This facial features can be called exquisite, but they are by no means feminine. Compared with Wei Zhi’s too rigid face, Lan Chen’s face theory is more popular in business wars or among women.
Xiaoqi admits that he has a little appearance, so he will like Lan Chen. Even in this life, he first saw Wei Zhi’s resolute appearance and then loved him.
The thought of Wei Zheng Xiaoqi’s heart is stuffy.
Suddenly, a spherical thing appeared in front of Xiao Qi and startled him.
"Hmm … what is it?" Xiao Qi watched in amazement as Lan Chen handed something.
"Stupid lollipop! Open your mouth!" Lan Chen seems a bit funny to drive while holding a lollipop.
Xiaoqi sobbed at the corner of her mouth. It’s not like a child is eating something great.
"Open your mouth!" Lan Chen is impatient.
"I don’t …" Xiao Qi just opened his mouth and the candy was stuffed in.
Sweet fruit tastes good. It seems that just now, the feeling of depression and irritability has been digested a lot …
Chapter two hundred and forty I haven’t touched anyone for a long time!
"When you were a child, you loved to cry. When you cried, I didn’t know what to do. My second brother said that you wouldn’t cry if you picked it up and beat it. Jiang Kelan said that he would buy you beautiful clothes, so you wouldn’t cry." Speaking of which, Lan Chen chuckled at what he thought. "Later, I beat you up, but you cried even more. I listened to Jiang Kelan and gave you all my beautiful clothes, but you were still crying …"
Xiaoqi finally understood who was behind this. What did Jiang Er, a bastard, do in those days?
Lan Chen added, "Later, when I saw Big Brother give you a piece of candy, you stopped crying."
Xiaoqi’s brain is spinning. Is there such a thing? He doesn’t even remember.
"Sure enough, this trick is very good. I will give you a candy when you cry, and then I will gradually forget when you stop crying when you are older."
Xiaoqi ate the candy in his mouth, but he didn’t cry just now.
Lanchen looked at Xiaoqi’s protruding face and felt funny. He poked his hand.
"Hey … what are you doing?" Xiaoqi was angry, pulled the lollipop out of his mouth and questioned Lanchen.
Lan Chen looked at the lollipop just around the corner and smiled at Xiao Qi with an ambiguous smile. He held his eyes and seemed to enjoy it.
Xiaoqi was startled to feel that he had been struck in the middle by the thunder.
Looking back silently, Xiao Qi got red in the ears …
"Ye Xiaoqi, I haven’t touched anyone for a long time." The blue morning sound is very shocking in this small place.
Xiao qi is a tingle. Does he touch others or not?
"too much sex? Can’t you get hard? " Xiaoqi sniffed.
Lan Chen holds the steering wheel and stares at Xiao Qi. "Nima, I … I like you. Okay!"
"Ahem … Ahem …" Fortunately, Xiao Qi is not driving now, otherwise it’s absolutely a corpse and two lives. Bah, one car and two lives.
As soon as the car creaked to a stop by the roadside, Lan Chen untied his seat belt and impatiently gave Xiao Qi a slap in the back.
It was a long time before Xiaoqi came back to his senses, but his whole face was red with cough.
Lan Chen is a bit awkward. "Why are you so excited? Do you understand what is reserved? "
Xiaoqiwei gasped. "Where do you love me, young master?" Although I always knew Lan Chen was interested in him, it was the first time to say it so bluntly. Please forgive him for being scared.
Blue morning angry stare "you want to be shameless? Master said like and didn’t say … Love you. "
Xiaoqi breathed a sigh of relief and leaned back in the back seat. "It’s okay, but if you really look at me, young master, you have to tell me honestly."
Lan Chen still stared at Xiao Qi.
Xiao Qi turned to look at Lan Chen. "If you look at me, I will change it."
The blue morning train drove very fast, and I gave up my life here for seven years. Fortunately, it didn’t take long to get to the first shop of Qiye Sweet House.
Dalin is now the manager of Store 1. He was taken aback when he saw the little boss enter the store with Lan Shao.
"Hello, little boss!"
Lan Chen has a black face all the way and has no time to talk to others.
Dalin smiled bitterly and Xiaoqi patted Dalin on the shoulder to express comfort.
Xiao Qi ignored Lan Chen when she entered the store and asked, "What about these new dessert apprentices? Can you keep up? "
Dalin called a waiter to entertain Lan Shaojian Xiaoqi for questioning and replied, "These are all recommended by Master Nian. Before entering the base, some of them were trained in the base, and their skills were not bad. Especially, the girl named Yueer made desserts, which was very satisfactory to customers. In the past two days, she was trying to let them complete the daily dessert ration in the store by herself. Master Nian was around and couldn’t see any big problems."
Xiaoqi was satisfied with the normal operation of the sweet base, and finally learned that his goal was to chain stores in Beijing.
But … the money was moved to Wei Zhi company by him, which is the biggest reason why Wu Yue doesn’t like him. If Wu Yue knows that Qiye Sweet Shop has also been mortgaged by him to others, I don’t know if he will be skinned alive.
It’s hard to do. A clever woman can’t cook rice …
Besides, he still has a 50 thousand house payment to pay, and he hates it when he thinks that 10 thousand will become 50 thousand xiaoqi
See LanChen in order small seven off a flash close to dalin ear grinned, "you wait like this … like that …"
Dalin stunned and whispered, "Is this … really good?" Small boss, the other side is less blue and less blue
Xiaoqi showed one thousand heart patting Dalin on the shoulder and said, "Believe me, that’s it."
Dalin left him with a sad face and didn’t believe it at all.