"Haven’t you arrived yet?"

"I haven’t gone any further."
"Haven’t you arrived yet? Where on earth are you taking me? " Another turn. Xiaoqi is in a hurry.
Lan Chen soothed, "You’ll get to your feet in a few more steps. Be careful not to peek!"
Xiaoqi brushed his teeth and closed his eyes, and Blue Morning took him to move on.
This morning, the man began to toss people around and said that he would give him an anniversary gift.
So what anniversary cough … He really ashamed to say it.
Finally, Lan Chen’s footsteps lightly said "Here we are"
Just want to open your eyes, Lan Chen added, "Don’t open your eyes yet, it’s one last step."
At this time, Xiaoqi was not in a hurry. He closed his eyes and heard a key to open the door. Then he heard Lan Chen say, "Okay, open your eyes."
When Xiaoqi opened his eyes, he was shocked by what he saw.
Even the shoes can’t be changed. Xiao Qi can’t wait to enter the room. He doesn’t hide his surprise at this moment. His eyes are not enough. It seems that he will feel the exquisite ornaments for a while and try the sofa’s elastic master bedroom, guest bedroom, room, kitchen and bathroom. He is as happy as a mouse.
Lan Chen smiled and looked at Xiaoqi’s surprise and returned it to run back and forth. This is the first big room he redeemed from the second suite of Century Fangzhou. Ye, Dad, Mom and Xiao Xun are living there. Although the master bedroom is reserved for Xiaoqi, it is always inconvenient to stay there overnight, especially Xiaoqi, who can’t let go whenever she wants something.
It took him a long time to redeem this suite, especially in the decoration department. It was all his own effort. It can be said that he chose every floor tile and every decoration in the house … to give him a surprise.
"Do you like it?" Lanchen asked with expectation.
Xiaoqi looked at the wall with a large area of photos, and the wall was a little sour and full of sweetness.
The whole wall is covered with his blue morning photos. There are photos of them walking hand in hand on the beach in the Aegean Sea. Even the waves in Christina are romantic, as if there were two of them in heaven and earth.
Have them together in Yunxia Mountain Villa to watch the red maple leaves in autumn, like burning, which stimulates people’s eyes. Red maple pieces fall. Xiaoqi reached out and carefully took off a fallen leaf from the blue morning hair lying in his leg, with a spoiled smile …
There are also some photos taken by them in foreign resorts. There is a photo of Zhang Xiaoqi riding on horseback. Xiaoqi is very, very handsome in riding clothes, and he is so heroic.
He was amazed at how he got such a good result in such a fast moving situation.
In the middle of the photo wall is a big photo of Lan Chen kissing Xiaoqi’s wedding ring.
Xiaoqi recognized that this photo was taken at a wedding in Holland. After both parties swore, Lan Chen took Xiaoqi’s left hand and kissed it. He wore a wedding ring on his left finger.
This moment is fixed forever.
Of all the photos, only this one is in the middle, small and middle school, and it is also my favorite.
"Master … do you love me?" Xiaoqi leans against the blue morning body with attachment, which is rare to spoil.
"Love from where?"
"I love everywhere!"
"Ha ha … I silly young master"
Lan Chen smiled silly, but he was still so handsome.
This is their home. They can do whatever they want.
Curtains also quietly pulled the automatic track when he didn’t notice, and made a slight "click". As the room lights dimmed, the orange lights in the living room lit up at the right time, which was warm and not dazzling …
"Master, thank you for your gift. I like it very much!"
It’s the night when brilliant fireworks always attract people’s attention, but the quiet sea is close together and two people have to enjoy it.
A yacht sails at sunset, bringing its own fishing gear, traveling gear and, of course, top-notch cuisine, and several boxes of custom-made fireworks.
"I’ve always liked hole lights." Lan Chen put a blanket over Xiao Qi and hugged him from behind.
"I’ve always liked hole lights," Xiao Qi said with a smile when she looked at the splendid fireworks.
Lan Chen rubbed his lover’s cheek into the night, and the sea breeze was still a little cold.
"Master, tonight is the premiere of Mu Tong Ying, right?" Xiaoqi suddenly remembered that Mu Tong also prepared two VIP tickets for him.
Lan Chen said, "Yes, Mu Tong has developed well in the past two years. This film has a good response and may be shortlisted."
Xiaoqi is also happy to hear the good news. After all, he and Mu are very good friends in private.
At the beginning, he really misunderstood that the young master was having an affair with Mu Pupil. Although Lan Chen repeatedly made a scene with Mu Pupil, he was always depressed, but he was also laughed at by Lan Chen for being jealous.
It was not until Mu Tong had a girlfriend that he realized that he was not a bend at all. At the beginning, he finally made it out. Whether there was a patron like Lan Chen or not, his acting skills were also recognized by the public. In the future, he will go further in acting.
"Xinyang and Jiang Jie are getting married. It feels so fast. When I met Jiang Jie and Xinyang, I was still a teenager." Lan Chen didn’t sigh with emotion
Xiao qi nodded, didn’t he?
"I also Colleen will be with Jiang Jie. I didn’t expect this girl to look at Jiang Jie but look at his brother."
This fate is really amazing, just like they can be together after a lifetime.
"Young master, do you remember the first time we met?"
"Remember" Lan Chen’s eyes flashed with regret "At that time, you were so small as a little stray cat"
When Xiao Qi smiled, he was nine years old and Lan Chen was ten when he was dying. It was an accidental encounter. Who would have thought that it would be like this in more than ten years?
"Master, I think there is a destiny. What do you think?"
Blue morning tight tight small seven body gentle way "you are my destiny"
Smiling gently, I suddenly thought of something. Xiaoqi turned out her mobile phone "Young Master, let me show you a photo."
"What?" Blue morning asked to take back the line of sight.
Xiaoqi smiled mysteriously. "You’ll know when you see it." Then pass the phone to Lanchen.