Kang Peng managed to crush this group of sycophants and said to Gao Shun, "You already know the location of General Gao’s granary, but who do you think should be sent to attack the granary with soldiers?"

Seibel felt a rush of blood and immediately turned to bow down. "Please thank the Prime Minister for killing yourself at the end if a thousand cavalry don’t burn the food of the chaotic army!"
"good!" Kang Peng slapped his hand in front of him, shaking cups and bowls. "I’ll give you three thousand cavalry to attack Yuan Shu overnight!" Kang Peng said that he paused and said, "When General Gao returns triumphantly, he will also seal your town general."
Kang Peng promised to raise his words, but Seibel seemed ungrateful and kowtowed, "At the end of the Prime Minister, he will not ask for a promotion and ask for the Prime Minister."
"General Gao said that he must allow it." Kang Pengxin said, do you want me to let you form a trap? Come on, I’m sure I agree.
But Seibel doesn’t mean that "the Prime Minister won’t let the disorderly army get food, grass and tiger prison, and the people around him are all in the tiger prison. Now that the enemy has retreated, he will implore the Prime Minister to let these people go home and plow the fields, and the barren people will have food and clothing in the coming year."
If it were for everyone, it would be sure that Gao Shun’s ridiculous little general would dare to intervene in the prime minister’s affairs, but today everyone recognizes that Dong Boss has changed his sex and sees Dong Boss doing something to promote Gao Shun. Everyone will shut up and watch Dong Boss as he handles it.
Kang Peng didn’t even blink. "Marotta listened to the order to give some rations to the people and let them go home."
Chapter Renyi Shuang Zhao Long
At night, Yuan Shujun’s resident Liang Dongzhai’s gate is closed, and the watchtower is lined with deer antlers. The trenches are wide and deep one after another. Patrol soldiers keep going back and forth along the stockade, and torches shine from time to time on every possible Tibetan corner. Shouchun’s satrap Yuan Shu’s army is really strict in running the army, but in this seemingly heavily guarded stockade, there are several female voices floating out at this time …
The night wind is really cold. The patrol soldier Wang two dog shrinks his neck and envies looking at the woman’s voice floating in the direction. Wang Ergou smiled and said to his companion, "It’s better to be a general and change two yellow flower girls. If I can hug those two girls and sleep for one night, it’s worth it."
Peer disdain pie pie "you bird sample also want to be a general? Your generation! Besides, when you are a general, you have to have a general with your master. If it’s not your master’s little brother, how dare he steal and sell rations? Dare he exchange rations for his eldest daughter? General Ji and his master have no relatives, so he won’t dare to do so. "
Wang Ergou just wanted to say something more. The patrol captain said, "Wang Ergou and Li Xiao patrol are not allowed to talk. If you patrol again, you will be replaced and put on the bed. Whatever you say will do."
Wang Ergou has to keep his mouth shut and follow the captain. He kicked his ass yesterday and it still hurts. Wang Ergou doesn’t want to get a second walk. Wang Ergou always likes to breathe heavily when he suddenly finds something wrong. Why don’t you hear his breathing now? Wang Ergou was about to turn back. A big hand had covered his mouth intensely, and then a sharp knife quickly wiped his neck and Wang Ergou’s body fell down. Then a black shadow jumped behind the patrol captain and did the same thing. This patrol will solve it.
There were ten people who attacked the patrol’s shadow. They quickly moved the antlers next to the stockade. A shadow took out a fire and shook it outside the stockade. Several thick ropes were immediately put on the stockade, and the countdown cavalry rushed into the stockade.
"The enemy robbed the camp!" When several rotor heads rose in the barracks, someone finally sounded the alarm, but it was already late. Not only were the major barracks on fire, but the lifeblood of the allied forces-the granary also rose with greater flames. The night wind helped the camp robbers a lot. From time to time, the wind was blazing, and the Yuan Shu camp was illuminated with a Seibel blow, but he refused to stop there. He commanded most cavalry to kill himself everywhere and took a team of elite soldiers to the Zhongjun camp. Obviously, it was Yuan Shu!
Just now, Yuan Shu was hugging my little brother to honor the girl and sleeping soundly. Suddenly, he heard someone robbing the camp in Yuan Shu, not to protect food, but to mobilize Qinbing to protect himself. Who knows, a team of peak sexually cavalry rushed to Yuan Shu Qinbing, mostly a glutton of food to bully the people at ordinary times. Now, when he met the best of Xiliang cavalry, Yuan Shu Qinbing was killed and scattered, and the Xiliang cavalry rushed directly into Yuan Shu barracks.
"What person? Come out! " As soon as Gao Shun entered the barracks in Yuan Shu, he found someone hiding in the bed, "I’ll kill you if you don’t come out!"
"Don’t, don’t," someone in the bed trembled and replied, "I’m Shouchun, the satrap of Yuan Shu, Yuan Gongji."
Seibel exultation is trying to rush a Zhongjun to see if I can cut off Yuan Shu’s head. Who knows that I can capture Yuan Shu alive. This credit is much greater. "It turned out to be the satrap’s adult. Our prime minister wants to invite the satrap’s adult to tea. Please."
Yuan Shu was terrified. "If I don’t go, Dong Zhuo must kill me!" Speaking of this, Yuan Shu has been crying. "Dear uncles, please be kind and let me go. Yuan Shu will be a horse. I will have a good report in the future."
Seibel there by his Seibel a wave of his hand a few soldiers took Yuan Shu out from under the covers, but this out all one leng and then laughed. It turned out that Yuan Shu didn’t even wear clothes, and he was naked with his arm around an equally * * woman.
A cavalry man looked at the woman with bedroom eyes. "General Gao is not a bad girl, or we’d better take this girl back to honor the Prime Minister."
"Nonsense!" Seibel reprimanded, "I think the Prime Minister is really worried about the country and the people. The Prime Minister is cruel but deceitful. How can we be trapped in the injustice of the Prime Minister? Put this Yuan Shu tied up and let the woman go. "
Beam * * however, the fire started, and Yuan Shao was frightened to disgrace and hurriedly called the governors to discuss such as rescuing Yuan Shu. However, the governors of Gongsun Zan, Yuan Yi and other roads were defeated today, and the Coalition forces were already frightened. Now the granary is in danger, and everyone has backed out in their hearts. Yuan Shao is just a so-called leader who is not taken in by others. Yuan Shao now talks about rescuing his brother. Naturally, no one is willing to provoke the swift and brave cavalry in the west.
Yuan Shao can endure his half-brother Yuan Shu. To tell the truth, it is not good or worthwhile for Yuan Shao to take his precious troops to Yuan Shu for consumption. Finally, Yuan Shao focused on Cao Caoshen, the founder of the Coalition forces. "Meng De’s leader ordered you to light up the horsepower of the army to rescue Liang Dongbao’s granary in case of loss."
Who is Cao Cao? He can govern the world and be a minister in troubled times! He can save Yuan Shu now and go into Dong Zhuojun’s ambush circle. So Cao Cao fuels, "The leader Dong Zhuo is a traitor, and he must ambush our army on our rescue road. Now we should take advantage of Dong Zhuojun’s main force to fight Si Shui and seize grain and grass, so that we can point out that Luoyang can break Dong Zhuoliang’s route." These days, Dong Zhuojun has repeatedly attacked Si Shui, but the actual appearance of the governors is quite different.
Lombardi great anger "good you a Cao Mengde I sent you to rescue hay but you pushed from pillar to post against Si Shui? If you call, won’t our army starve to death? You don’t save the leader to save yourself. "
They urged Lombardi to quickly light his own 50,000 chosen men and go straight to Liang Dongbing. On the way, Lombardi suddenly saw the trees on both sides and the roads were steep. Lombardi ordered him to stop and send out scouts to detect an ambush. Soon, the scouts in the forest shouted "No ambush". Lombardi was impatient, and there was no doubt that he made the army move forward.
Who knows that Yuan Shaojun just entered the forest and suddenly killed four flames, killing each other in the oblique puma, and the first general of the army shouted, "Zhang Wenyuan, why don’t Yuan Shaojun give in easily here?" Yuan Shao was frightened. "There is an ambush!" Yuan Shao hurried to retreat, but the fire surrounded Yuan Shaojun and trampled on the number of casualties.
Yuan Shao, who was surrounded by Qinbing guards, couldn’t rush out of the encirclement. I didn’t notice that Yuan Shao had been surrounded by Zhang Liao. Yuan Shao sighed to the sky, "Am I going to die here?" At this moment, a white-robed teenager rushed to "Master don’t panic Zhao Yunlai". Lombardi took a closer look and turned out to be a new teenager surnamed Zhao Mingyun, and Changshan was a real person. Now Lombardi is the rear army general.
Zhang Liao saw that Yuan Shao was caught alive in a jar, but suddenly this teenager Zhao Yun was braver than everywhere, and his fighters were blocked several times by that Zhao Yun. Zhang Liao couldn’t help but be furious and abandon Yuan Shao’s horse and take Zhao Yun. Zhao Yun also saw Zhang Liao know that he was the Lord and took a drink and made a loud noise. Zhang Liao slowly fell off the horse, but Zhao Yun was safe. Sergeant Dong Zhuo was too frightened to capture Yuan Shao. He was busy to rescue Zhang Liao from Zhao Yun and seize the opportunity to rescue Yuan Shao all the way to deus ex.
Yuan Shao, Zhao Yungang, fought his way out and surrounded him. Suddenly, an army came to Yuan Shao and lamented, "My life is over." Zhao Yun comforted him, "Your master can rest assured that Yun She will protect you from breaking through." At this moment, a general opposite shouted, "Is it Yuan Gongtai?" Lombardi took a closer look, and it turned out to be that he had just been scolded by Cao Cao to lead the troops to save Lombardi’s exultation. Cao Cao and his soldiers finally highlighted the warfare, but Lombardi brought 50 thousand military forces to escape back, which was less than 10 thousand people
Yuan Cao and his two armies managed to get rid of the pursuer Yuan Shao was about to thank Cao Cao when suddenly a gun went off and another army leader crossed the red rabbit BMW and held a square painting halberd. It was Wen Hou Lv Fengxian! Lu Bu shouted, "Where is Yuan Shao?"
Yuan Shaoren was almost paralyzed by fright. Lu Bu is recognized as the first valiant soldier in the world. Who hasn’t heard of his name? Cao Cao urgently ordered several of his generals to fight against Xiahou Dun, Xia Houyuan, Coss, Cao Hong, Li Dian and Lejin, and hold six generals together to fight like Lyu3 bu4.
Yuan Shao took the opportunity to quietly say to Zhao Yun, "The dragon asked Meng De to reach the enemy, and you guaranteed me to go back to the camp and move reinforcements." Who is Zhao Yun who will abandon and rescue his allies? Zhao Yun said, "Master Cao Jun is here for us. If you abandon them with your own life, won’t you make people laugh at you?"
Yuan Shao was furious and wanted to draw a sword to slay this disobedient Zhao Yun, but the army of Lyu3 bu4 had gradually encircled him. Yuan Shao had to call his down archers to break through alone. No matter whether Cao Caojun and Zhao Yun lived or died, Yuan Shao was about to get out of trouble. Unexpectedly, in the melee, an arrow flew straight to Yuan Shao’s throat, and Yuan Shao was slashing his side with a sword, but he had the ability to stop Yuan Shao from being frightened. Behind him, he was able to stab and shoot the arrow first. Looking back, it was Zhao Yun.
Before Zhao Yun said nothing, a burst of flattery rushed Yuan Shaobao out to the safe place. Zhao Yunma made three obeisances to Yuan Shaoyuan. Yuan Shaoxin was trying to comfort Zhao Yun, but he turned his horse back to save Cao Caojun.
Zhao Yun killed all the way back like a tiger into a flock of sheep. He couldn’t be directly killed. The enemy was full of blood. When Zhao Yun killed Lu Bu, the six generals of Cao Cao’s army were all wounded and in danger. Lu Bu was still unscathed, just like joking. Cao Cao killed Zhao Yun and shouted, "Lu Bu traitor dares me to fight for Zhao Yun?"
Lyu3 bu4′ s top fantasy war against Zhao Yun in the Three Kingdoms! To know who wins and who loses, please see the chapter.
Chapter 9 Dream War
"What did you say?" Kang Peng seized the soldier’s neck and growled, "General Zhang Liao was badly wounded and didn’t wake up? You are talking nonsense! " Zhang Liao is a first-class military commander in the Three Kingdoms. It is certainly not easy for someone to seriously injure him.
Kang Peng forgot one thing. His face now is not the original lanky horse face, but the horrible fat face of Dong Boss. Now Kang Peng looks like a man-eating demon who has climbed out of the depths of Jiuyou. Compared with that poor soldier, his legs are scared and he wants to kowtow and beg for mercy, but his neck is caught by Kang Peng with a crying voice. "The Prime Minister forgives and dares not lie. General Zhang is really seriously injured."
Jia Xu pulled Kang Peng. "If General Zhang knew that the Prime Minister was so attached, he would be moved inexplicably, but the Prime Minister should let him make it clear that General Zhang was injured by someone."
At this time, Kang Peng also reacted that he had just lost his temper and judo. "It’s not your fault if you don’t have a heart. You are quick to make things clear in detail."
After a pause, the soldier half knelt down and said, "I have told the Prime Minister that General Zhang led the troops to ambush the enemy, and the leader of the chaotic army, Yuan Shao, was about to be captured alive. Who knows, a young man with a white robe suddenly emerged, and he would pick a horse if everyone did not rescue him. General Zhang was afraid of his life, so the white robe took the opportunity to rescue Yuan Shao …"
Kang Peng’s goldfish eyes almost didn’t bulge out to beat Zhang Liao. It’s an exaggeration and a trick. Isn’t this guy so abnormal? Even if the descendants flatter the feathers, there is definitely no such thing. Who can this guy be? Wait a minute, white boy … white boy? !
Kang Peng was pleasantly surprised and arrested the poor soldier again. "Does the young man in white robe call himself Zhao Yun Zhao Long?"
The soldier nodded. "Prime Minister Gao, the white teenager, really claimed to be Zhao Yun but didn’t claim to be Zhao Long."