Su Jiao smelled blood again. It was not shallow in the studio. It was very rich. It was like someone had his head cut off and blood flowed out. He felt like he was hugging a mass of frozen hot blood.

But in such a tough embrace Su Jiao, I feel that the soul that has become cold because of killing the divinity seems to have the temperature of humanity again.
It’s like falling into a glacier and being salvaged. When he was cold enough to die, he was wrapped in a warm quilt.
"I like you very much," he said. "No …"
He seems to be weighing the words and saying "I love you" gently.
Su Jiao almost suspected that this "natural disaster" was crazy.
He said, "I slept with despair and destruction for many years in the history of plague and war."
He bowed his head to kiss Su Jiao’s lips.
Su Jiao suddenly pushed him away, and he jumped at him, but he didn’t mind bending his lips and smiling very touching.
Su Jiao threw the rabbit in his arms to him, but the rabbit clung to his arm and kept his long ears swinging.
Su jiao! ?”
What the hell!
"He likes you as much as I do," he said softly. "I can’t bear to let you go."
Su Jiao calmed down and gave up pestering the rabbit. He said, "What are you doing here?"
He came here according to Liu Han’s address to Gu Xichu-
Wait? Gu Xichu?
Su Jiao suddenly realized what "what did you do to Liu Hanyi?"
Su Jiao can sense that Liu Han is not dead at the same time and still has a subtle connection with him-but that doesn’t mean that nothing has happened because the "feast flow" in front of him also maintains the same connection with him, but the feast flow is obviously not a feast flow.
"Liu Hanyi?" He read the name and smiled gently. "Ah, you mean the poor ant who is full of reluctance but can crawl on the ground?"
Su Jiao doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about. What the hell is frowning at him?
For a moment, Su Jiao felt that he was a banquet, but many times he felt that it was an illusion.
"Indeed," he seemed to be curious about his clothes while talking and stroking his school.
He has no scars on his fingers, but he can leave wet blood in a clean school. "The address is not here."
Su Jiao stared at the banquet, and the school turned black and gradually disappeared with time.
"The mistake is that he suddenly remembered something he shouldn’t have remembered."
He smiled gently and told Su Jiao that normal people couldn’t understand the explanation.
Su Jiao "What are you talking about? What did he remember? "
If it were anyone else, he would never bother to say so much.
However, this person in front of him is really cute. He likes his cold voice, his impatience with shyness, panic or frowning expression, and his conscious grasping at the corners of his clothes. He wants to talk to him a little more or a lot.
He couldn’t wait to make a thing more obscure rather than let the ignorant and young God of Natural Disaster show more puzzled expressions, let God of Natural Disaster’s curiosity break his fear and panic for a while and let him know more about other things-
For him, knowledge is not so much about knowledge as about binding others in chains.
Just as those who manipulate fate will be manipulated by fate.
Knowing him will also make him know.
Su Jiao gave a question, but he stared at his dark brown eyes unblinkingly, which was very strange, straightforward and frightening.
Su Jiao pulled the rabbit’s arm to a standstill, took a step back and thought about how to run.
He didn’t seem to notice that he moved him to lick his rosy lips and said softly, "He thought of the red sun and moon that symbolize me."
Su Jiao suddenly called out "Behind you …"
Banquet flow slanting a little and look behind him.
Su Jiao smashed the rabbit doll at each other and turned to run.
When the rabbit doll landed, it made a strange sound, like a small animal being hit hard on the ground or its head hitting the floor.
He didn’t move, but slowly looked back at the rabbit doll thrown to the ground.
Red blood flowed from the back of the rabbit doll, and a large piece soaked the warm fluff of the rabbit.
Su Jiao certainly doesn’t expect this poor acting to escape from the "bloody natural disaster"
It’s that his head is a little confused, and he feels that his brain’s thinking ability has become dull under the pressure of the other party.
And his intuition can’t listen to him to say more.
There is a strange and dangerous feeling warning him not to listen to him, not to listen to him, not to think about him, not to stay away!
He ran behind for a long time … or the natural disaster didn’t follow him.
Su Jiao ran wildly, but it’s a pity that he is on the 14th floor, and now he has only been running for a long time to the 8th floor.
Su Jiao gasped at the stairs and began to think of some way.
Although his real-world body is strengthened by divine power, it is just better than ordinary people.
He tried to summon the system again, but he responded.
He is a little anxious to think that the system will not be killed by the "natural disaster", right?
Did the "natural disaster" just say that it ran away mean that Tong ran away? Or did the natural disaster actually kill Tong and then lie to him that Tong ran away? No, no,no. The latter is meaningless. "Natural disaster" Why bother to lie to him …