Because Mulian and Yunzui stayed here, they paid special attention to the things in the imperial city. They also knew that a Qing family in Mulian was also killed and went to rob the prison?

"Come in quickly." The old man immediately made a gesture to Tiefan.
I didn’t expect the old reaction to be like this. Tiefan was also on guard against him and immediately walked carefully inside.
The old man immediately went to the door and was very careful
When Tiefan was behind the old lady, the old lady immediately walked and said, "Who can see your road?"
It’s not good if someone recognizes you.
737 Chapter 737 Doubt (2)
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Smell speech Tiefan couldn’t help thinking of the man who asked for directions.
Then he replied, "I asked someone for the way here."
The old man immediately patted his thigh and said, "It’s not so safe here, but fortunately, the villagers are farmers and have not gone to the city. It’s normal for some wanted man to be safe now, but it may not be so after a long time …"
Hearing this, Tiefan seemed to have caught something and asked, "Do you know who I am?"
The old man immediately replied, "Mu Lian’s general brother-in-law, of course."
Say to the old woman who is still busy in the kitchen, Yang said, "Burn more when guests come home."
Smell speech iron fan not frown immediately asked "what you are not afraid of the wanted man? Aren’t you afraid that I will harm you? "
The old man immediately laughed. "We are all old enough to die early and late, and it doesn’t make much difference. But you young people just want to treat them as their own daughters, and you are not really guilty. Maybe you are still wronged."
I didn’t expect this old man to be so accommodating.
Iron is not slightly stunned.
The old man just looked at the woman in Tiefan’s arms and said, "Is this asleep? Then let her sleep in the house and feel so tired. "
Tiefan frowned slightly and immediately showed a sad expression and said, "She is my wife and has left."
Hearing this, the old lady was surprised to look back and immediately felt very sad. "Why don’t you find a place to bury her?"
Smell speech iron fan can’t resist to take a step back.
Is he willing to bury Yun Shang?
I couldn’t help sighing when I saw the old man. "There is a mountain that is remote but clean enough, and there are bones of the Prime Minister’s four daughters. If they are buried in the same place, it’s all right."
Tiefan couldn’t help but feel surprised and immediately asked, "You said Yunmo?"
How many things does he not know?
"I was buried there before, even if I don’t want to accept it again, I have to choose to accept it after all. If you can’t bear it, bury it at night. If you want her to be quiet early, come with me now. Now there are not too many activists in the village. If it is noon, it will be difficult to go out and show up."
Tiefan couldn’t help but bow his head and then slowly lift the sleeves that covered the clouds. His expression was more pity.
"Now," he didn’t know what would happen in a moment, so he had to put Yunshang in place first.
He can only feel at ease when she is at peace.
The old woman cooked, Tiefan and the old lady went to the top of the mountain without coming to eat.
Lai Tiefan was worried that there was fraud in it, but in the end he realized that he was completely oversensitive.
Maybe he will really help him? Without selling out?
It’s like Mulian, but the magistrate will be their two poor people?
It’s really strange and puzzling
When I saw Yunmo’s tombstone, there was still that font. Tiefan couldn’t help asking immediately, "Is this Mulian?"
The old man immediately replied, "He likes this four daughters as much as you like the general’s wife. He carved this tombstone himself."
73 Chapter 73 Doubt (3)
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