"I don’t want to stay in a five-star hotel, I want to go back with you." Ogata’s eyes suddenly became excited

"Remember that when you have three months, if you don’t take this man away from you, then you will lose this man forever."
Ito’s cold love story rings in his ear. Ogata knows that if he stays in a hotel, let alone three months, this man can’t take it.
Qin Fan laughed coldly. "I think staying in a hotel is for your sister’s sake, otherwise you can’t even stay in this city."
"Qin Fanjun, you must be so affectionate to me? After all, we had it. "
"Shut up!"
Qin Fan flew into a rage. What he hates most now is hearing that night. He was destroyed on that night.
Just then, the cell phone rang and it was an international call.
"It’s me," Ito said with unquestioning majesty.
"What can I do for you?"
"Ogata eyes ran away from home and heard that she was pregnant with your child."
Qin Fan sneered, "I heard that the word is the most unreliable. Is it necessary to come to the card?"
"How can you make fun of such a thing if the Ogata family has a tutor? You take good care of her. We need to give Ogata a hand over to treat this matter."
"What confession?"
"Do I need to say anything?"
Qin Fan’s heart gradually condenses cold meaning. I really don’t want Ito to say it because he knows it very well.
Ogata’s family is a family of national societies, and its strength is not underestimated. Even without that child, it is necessary for him to be responsible for sleeping with Ogata’s eyes.
And he just didn’t want to take this responsibility when he fled back.
Section 52
"What’s the process in your mind when you calculate your son? Have you considered my feelings?"
Qin Fan fought back his anger. "I didn’t tell you here, and you didn’t get what you wanted."
"Qin Fan advises you to think about it. Don’t be impulsive. If there is no such confession, will Ogata let you like that woman?"
Like a flash hitting Qin Fan’s body, he couldn’t help shivering but gnashed his teeth. "Are you threatening me?"
"No, I’m not threatening you, but waking you up."
"You and I will be afraid?" Qin Fan body with sharp cold.
"Don’t talk so full, everything is in case you take care of that woman, give birth safely and come back to pick up my class. This is your good choice."
Ito politely hung up the phone without saying anything, but Qin Fan felt the murderous look on his face, even though it was separated by two long countries.
Holding the mobile phone hand, his knuckles slowly turned white. He looked at Ogata’s eyes like a sword, and it was hatred that flashed in the past.
"Qin Fanjun, can I go home with you?"
Qin Fan was silent for a moment and sneered coldly, "Since you want to stay by my side so much, stay."
Say that finish turn out.
Really, he can’t see it?
The routine of wanting to get along day and night made him have feelings for this woman and then he was willing to be a father.
Ogata, you are more than ten years late.
to be discharged from hospital
No matter what your background or special account is, you always have to knot it and queue it up.
Qin Fan, nearly one meter nine, stood out in the crowd.
Dressed in a white coat, Shang Xiuran saw him from a distance and couldn’t help but stop.
"What happened to Doctor Shang?" The assistant behind him asked strangely
"It’s okay to see an acquaintance. You go first and I’ll come in a minute."
"The consultation is in ten minutes, Dr. Shang. You are the main character today. You can’t be late."
"Rest assured" ShangXiuRan nodded and was about to walk over when suddenly he paused.
A petite and beautiful woman walked beside Qin Fan and looked at him with a smile. Her thin lips moved gently and she couldn’t hear clearly what she said.
Then the woman stretched out her arm in Qin Fan’s arm and leaned her head on his shoulder like a innocent girl.
Like that most enthusiastic people
ShangXiuRan heart thumped a.
Isn’t this Qin Fan with Xiaoxiao? Are there other women around?
ShangXiuRan hurriedly sad interest to go.
The two men walked out of the hospital together and stopped at the door of a BMW car. As soon as he saw the woman, he immediately leaned over.
And Qin Fan didn’t push.
Shang Xiuran’s heart was so angry that he immediately took out words and dialed Chu jokes.
"Smile. Guess who I just saw?"
"who?" Chu’s laughter sounded very low.
"What’s the matter with you? Are you still hurt?"
Chu smiled and tugged at the corners of his mouth. "It’s okay. Maybe it’s an injury. Come on. What’s up?"
"I said don’t be angry. I just saw Qin Fan walking with a woman. They are very close to each other. Be careful with a car."
Although Chu Xiao is prepared, it is still a pain in my heart to hear such news.
The sound is a little astringent. "Thank you for repairing it. I broke up with him."