"True" green ink Yan pinched her face. Recently, he was really too busy preparing for the wedding and secretly investigating Ruxiao Nan’s life experience. It seems that there is nothing to belong to her.

"What do you want for dinner?" He asked, "We’ll bring some back when we come back, so that you don’t have to cook."
Ru Xiaonan looked at Ling Xiaotian. "What do you want to eat later?"
Ling Xiaotian bent his eyes. "Do you have dessert?"
"Of course," RuXiaoNan said. "Then buy some West Point and come back. I’ve eaten that kind of dim sum and it’s delicious."
"Is there anything else?" Qing Mo Yan asked, obviously, he was upset that his little thing was so concerned about other people’s food problems.
"No" RuXiaoNan shook his head "by the way, I also want to see XuanJi"
She hasn’t been to see Xuanji once since he was seriously injured.
Blue ink yan hesitated.
"Let’s go together when I come back."
"Anyway, I’m idle and I have Lingxiao Day here. He can go with me." Ruxiao Nan expected, "I can just introduce him to Xuanji, and he will live here after they meet."
Blue ink yan eyebrows tight cu.
Somehow he suddenly had a bad feeling.
It seems that this old house will become a hotel.
If all the Four Spirit beasts are really summoned by her, each of them will live here …
Mu Bolun’s cell phone rang. Instead of answering it, he urged Qing Mo Yan to say, "Let Xiao Nan go. Ling Xiaotian is not an ordinary person. He is very capable. Xiao Nan will not be in danger with him."
Green ink yan coldly caught a glimpse of MuBolun.
The biggest danger is that this peach-eyed man is in good health.
He can see that Xiao Nan likes this man’s appearance very much.
Looked at Lingxiao day, he couldn’t help secretly lamented that it was a crime for a man to grow up like this. If he had taken him to Dali Temple for the first time in ancient times, he would never let such a man walk all over the street.
Otherwise, the crime rate will be doubled, which will affect public security.
"Let them go. I’ll send more people to watch." Mubolun couldn’t stop winking at the green ink face.
Blue ink yan frowned and nodded his head.
Two people in a hurry to leave.
RuXiaoNan horse jumped up and the wind rushed into the room.
Soon she carried a lot of things out and put them on the table.
Lingxiaotian curiously picked up a small peach wooden sword.
"What is this?" He fiddled with a few "children’s toys?"
"It’s my dharma," Ruxiao Nan patiently explained. "It’s a fortune and a necessity for a teacher of Yin and Yang."
Ling Xiaotian watched her put all these things into her backpack, and her eyes shimmered. "You didn’t lie to Qing Moyan just now, did you?"
Ru Xiaonan spat out his tongue. "It’s a lie. I’m going to meet someone. Go with me."
"What person?"
"Is a bad woman!" Ru Xiaonan looked indignant. "Being an excellent teacher of Yin and Yang can’t even protect his own male ticket, so what is a teacher of Yin and Yang!"
Lingxiaotian was choked by tea and couldn’t help coughing.
That sounds awesome, but it’s not your line, okay
RuXiaoNan quickly packed my things, changed my clothes and left the old house with LingXiaoTian.
There is a police car parked on the hill.
RuXiaoNan know this is XuanJi eldest brother they take turns to protect here before greeting.
They wanted to give them a ride, but RuXiaoNan refused.
Not far away, RuXiaoNan waved and stopped a taxi.
Just as they were away from the town, a car followed closely behind them and dialed Qingmo Yan’s mobile phone.
"The mistress has left town."
Qing Mo Yan Zheng Mu Bolun drove on the high road leading to Shuangyang City.
Hearing the news, Qing Mo Yan almost crushed the phone.
"Do you know where she is going?" Green ink Yan Yin with a seven-point chill undercurrent anger makes the temperature in the car drop a few minutes.
"The lady didn’t mention that she said she was going to visit Xuanji, but she directly hired a taxi. She was accompanied by a young man with a long face …"
"I know" didn’t finish each other green ink yan interrupted him.
Ling Xiaotian must be with her.
"Blue ink yan you want to calm down" MuBolun swallowed a mouthful of saliva.
"Do you think I am not calm enough?" Blue ink Yan narrowed her eyes, and black and white eyes were like knives.
See MuBolun scalp numb.
"You are like eating people," Mubolun struggled. "I want to say that Xiao Nan is naive, but she is not stupid. Occasionally, she will have places she wants to do and go. You can’t leave her at home forever."
Hearing this, the blue ink face showed a moment of confusion
Mu Bolun continued, "Before you get angry, let’s find out where the little girl wants, and then you can decide whether to take her back and spank her or keep her wandering outside?"
Chapter 561 Attractive men and green ink Yan also want to see you.
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